TC observations Sunday 30th July

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    1 Not a good practice for QBs in general
    2 Bledsoe had a disasterous series in the middle. 3 plays were horrendous - all the problems from last year of holding onto the ball for too long. Also a horrible read throwing the ball into Watkins' hands.
    3 Drew Henson again looked tentative. Another awful series which led to him slippong to the ground at one stage, recovering with a shovel pass, but not looking comfortable. The next play was another shovel pass - so just possible that it was the intended play. Another duck thrown shortly afterwards - really was the worst spiral I have seen a pro throw, quite rightly he immediately spun off out of view behind the line of players!
    4 Romo really does look mechanically sound. He threw nice passes, tight spirals, zipping the ball around. Really impressive with his movement and looks to be confident - we will see just how accurate or misleading TC can be in a few weeks!
    5 Mroz was nothing spectacular.
    6 TO was very impressive. We'll leave it at that - read for hours at your own leisure on every other web-site.
    7 Flozell practised today. He looked v good, and very comforting to watch! He ate up the defenders with ease - including Greg Ellis. Greg did recover at one stage when the 'Statue' was up to his old tricks!!
    8 I was told that a walk through session would be with no real contact. Just not true! They were going all out today. Including a fight between Kevin Burnett and Marc Colombo - a number of people got involved, but it was nothiing too serious and there were no vendettas later.
    9 Pat Watkins had a good session. he may be the 'ballhawk free safety' we're looking for. Intercepting at least one pass - stepping in front of the receiver and defensing a couple of others.
    10 The tight-ends did not display the best hands. Curtis had one intercepted after it bounced through his hand to the rookie LB JJ Horne - he then made off down the right sideline for a sure score. Sean Ryan also dropped a catchable pass. The good news is that the TEs we will be relying upon looked good.
    11 The running backs showed spurts. JJ had some impressive carries up the middle off blocks from both Rivera and Kosier.
    12 The DT Taulealea got the attention of the fans. He is a heavy guy with a lot of intensity. (The chances are that he won't be around for long though!) God knows how he squeezes his helmet onto his head - but today it somehow came off in one scrimmage.
    13 At the end there were a few Special Teams drills. Suisham and Vandy kicked some field goals. I say that - the majority were missed, but they were over a a range of distances.
    14 The biggest noise from the fans came when Suisham fired a FG over the fencing behind the posts, a group of kids clammered for the ball - but were then forced to return it followed by a chorus of booing from the crowd!!
    15 BP constantly asked players to inform him what their role was in certain plays. I guess this is a follow on from last year where forfeits were to be metered out.
    16 Keylon Kincade bounced a couple of very impressive runs outside -but I'm not sure it will make any difference.
    17 I read somewhere else that Skyler Green was wearing 6. I'm pretty cofident that he is wearing 10. Who is the mystery 6? I THINK it's Demetrius Summers.

    [​IMG] Couldn't resist - but didn't appeal enough to wait inthe enornous queue that was leading to them!

    [​IMG] Fasano, Colombo and McQuistan - can anyone explain the 'Douglas' reference? Julius was also wearing one along with a few others.

    [​IMG] Ahmed Merrit(? didn't think he was white!?) between Flozell and Colombo. Anyone fancy being 5'10 between these two!!

    [​IMG] The obligatory TO photo lining uo against Henry.

    [​IMG] Julius breaking through.

    [​IMG] The brawl that never really was!! Just as it finishes in a split second.

    [​IMG] Pat Watkins forcing another incomplete pass.

    [​IMG] Suisham kicking the ball through the posts and over!

    As always, hope that these are some help.

    Also, thanks to all the people I met today. Good to talk. Anybody else going wants to meet, no matter how briefly - just give me a shout. Always good to put faces with names.
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    thank you, you are god
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    Thanks a lot, man. This really is appreciated, it's nice to hear about what players other than TO are doing.

    The Douglas thing isn't a reference to anything. It's just a brand of back board/pad that's used to protect a player's lower back. Usually RBs, DBs, and WRs wear them.
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    the guy in the 3rd picture isn't Ahmad Merritt, Ahmad would be much smaller

    and he's black

    but thanks alot though
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    Thanks for the report, keep them coming.

    #86, between flo and Columbo, I believe is Hannam the new TE who came over from Seattle.
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    Music to our ears! Thanks for the notes.
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    Thanks Summer - you posted just as I was editing!!
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    no problem, your observations more than made up for that little, miniscule, tiny, glitch

    again :worthy:
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    Chrissyboy, thanks for the GREAT insight.
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    Loved the tidbits you provided re Watkins which were the first I've seen. Looks like we might have something here. Hope to hear more (positive?) info about him as TC moves along. Keep it coming.
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    God save the queen.

    You rock dood.
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    julius is running with tremendous power, wow
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    Thanx again for the report, you are our savior.
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    Great report Sir......Thank You and please keep them coming.
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    Top notch .. ty very much.
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    Thanks, awesome post!


    86 is Hannam

    10 is Merritt

    6 is Green

    30 is Summers
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    Thank you Clever. I happily stand corrected.
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    who got in a fight???:eek:

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