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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by wommack, Jun 21, 2005.

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    I'm planning on visiting training camp one or two days in August. For those who are vets at the camp, what should I be looking for? And where is the best viewing locations? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
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    look for the california girls...
    ok sorry but couldn't resist.
    i have not visited them in oxnard so wouldnt be much legitimate help but do plan to go this year with my dad.
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    I went last year. Viewing is not good from anywhere. People show up early to get seats in the bleachers (shaded), but there's a chain link fence between the seating and the field. There are two fields, the second of which is parallel to the first. They're stacked perpendicular to the seating, so seeing anything going on on the far field is even more difficult to view.

    You can get access to the area behind the chain link fence (a 2nd 1/2-height fence separates that area from the actual field, and get autographs from the players at the far end of the field as the leave the sessions, but be prepared for a bunch of ignorant, pushy yahoos.

    Bring a current roster, so you can see who is who. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and water. Binocs are a good idea. You can buy food and drinks at the various stands, and there's a fairly decent fairground atmosphere for the kids.

    It was a blast, btw. I'm going again this year and plan on making it an annual event.
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    I went last year and I agree with the guy who replied before me. I suggest that you get there early, claim your spot against the chain linked fence and hold on for dear life. That is where you will find the best view, if there is such a thing as best view for the practices. The crowd will move and seize your spot if you blink. All things considered, it still was great experience to be there and I am planning to spend about 5 days there in the begining of August. Cowboys rule!!!
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    Thank God for Dale.
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    San Antonio was perfect for viewing the action on the field. Nice and cool indoors......why did they have to leave :banghead:
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    Yep, for the fans at least, the Alamodome was hard to beat.

    I've been to the camps at San Antonio and Austin and I would recommend camp over a game. Two practices a day for weeks and you can get much closer to the players. Also, former Cowboy greats show up to watch practice occasionally and they're usually good to the fans.

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