TE Campbell to miss a week.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheKey, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Are you serious?
  2. jksmith269

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    Yep thats what he said a while back and hes sticking to it. I'm pretty sure its DK999 who did that if my memory serves right its been about 3 months since we had that discussion though.
  3. 50cent

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    Wow, just wow!
  4. jksmith269

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    I thought he had just taken the keys off and rearranged them but nope he went into setup and changed it and forgot where the letters had been changed to he did say he put the B and P next to each other even though it says BN on the key board so he gets confused and I think he forgot how he did the change and can't or won't change it back to the default setting.
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    Why do you insist that disagreeing with you is an attack?

    BS huh?


    Let's take it to it's genesis and see who is lying. I said you went from idea to Pro Bowl caliber in one thread.

    Post #1...

    I believe that would be an "idea."

    Post #4 after the first 2 responses ignored the idea.

    Notice how he's already achieved status as a weapon?

    A negative response. How do you respond to it? By getting all uppity. Post #6.

    Wow a comparison to the model New England. Shocking.

    Another negative response to your idea and you go from uppity to upset with all caps yelling to emphasize your "point." Post #11.

    Someone throws you a bone that he played "some TE" at UVA and you calm down. The tonic to calm Nors down? Simply agree with him. Post #15.

    High School success to NFL and NBA. An amazing leap.

    Now you get to diss our current team a bit. Post #17.

    Post #18 shows the transition beginning. Canty has not even caught a pass in the NFL (or college) and all of the sudden because you've hatched this idea he is a "red zone threat."

    Moving along. Canty has already developed past an NFL TE on our roster. Post #25.

    Now a confession from you that you go off on tangents. Post #30.

    I said you went from idea to fact. That was BS right? Sorry Nors, wrong once again. Post #48 it has already happened. Please see the word in bold.

    Contention #1 proven. You went form idea to "fact" in one thread. But you're not done.

    Lots of responses to get you fired up. I join the fray which always chaps your hide. The "fact" is now practically written in stone. Post #88.

    He is replacing a current player already and he hadn't even suited up yet. Now you're rolling. Groh has even told Parcells of this red zone weapon. It's a done deal. Post #91.

    Lots of negative input now, no longer upset, you're angry. Post #127.

    Now Canty's role needs to expand even more. Post #129.

    Now the delusions start. 10 years of resistance to your ideas. Post #131.

    You're nearing full fledged anger. Post #133.

    Just about there. Post #137.

    Just a question on this, is it only "discusing it" if people agree with you? Hmm.

    Contention #2 was that you went from idea to Pro Bowl in one thread. You said that was BS.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...post #139.

    From "idea" to "fact" to "All Pro" in one thread. The defense rests.
  6. Nors

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    Ricky Henderson could have been an All Pro RB - IF HE CHOSE.

    Barkley a TE in the NFL?

    All I said was if Canty had decided to play TE in College he has the talent to be and might have been an All Pro TE. Thats no mystic leap. There are many CB's that could be great WR's and vice versa.

    Wasn't Tuinuie drafted Dline?

  7. LaTunaNostra

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    Remind me to call you if I ever need an attorney.

    And Nors, you should be flattered (as well as amused). ;)
  8. Cbz40

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    Yes Nors you should be flattered with so much attention devoted to your post. LOL
  9. dargonking999

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    Yes JK, that was me, and i still have my keyboard like, that i think i'm gonna change i back though once school starts because i cant do that tothere keybaords, and well i will be forever trying to remember where they keys are :D:D

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