TE in the second round?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, May 9, 2014.

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    I know we have other needs but I would love to get Niklas - huge, athletic, plays with an edge and continues to improve. TE for the next 10 years
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    Yes it is. That is 5 in the last 8 years. Prior to the years you listed:

    Sean Ryan 2004
    JWit 2003
    Bob Slowikowski 2002
    Mike Lucky 1999
    Rodrick Monroe 1998
    David LaFleur 1997
    Eric Bjornson 1995
    Fallon Wacasey 1992
    Keith Jennings 1989

    That is 9 in the prior 17 years with Jerry. I don't see a big increase.
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    No! As in... NO WAY!!! As in... i've already told my friends that if Dallas drafts a TE in the 2nd, I will poop in my pants. Seriously. I know its a silly form of protest but at that point it just may feel soothing. So again, NO... PLEASE NO.
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    Man I forgot all about Bjornson! He was a guy I had really high hopes for. Can't remember what happened to him. Some things Jerry touches just turn to crap.
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    Don't think he ever fully recovered from a broken leg. Drafted LeFluer, pushed him out of starting lineup, and couple years later, out of the NFL.
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    Wow. You really shot for the moon with 60 receptions. Considering the guy had seasons of 20, 15, 33, and 17 receptions while in Dallas it'd take him about 3 seasons at that pace to get there.

    Just so we're clear, Fasano sucked and people expected too much of Bennett? That about right?

    During Bennett's tenure in Dallas he averaged 21 receptions, 210 yards, 1 TD. After leaving Dallas Fasano has averaged 33 receptions, about 400 yards and 4 TDs over the last 6 seasons. Fasano was more than capable enough to serve as the #2 TE.

    But as to the question as to why people expected more. Aside from the team selling the fan base on all these wonderful mismatches, you simply don't take a guy in the second round if all he's going to give you is 20 receptions per season. That's insane. That's the type of production a late round pick or undrafted guy could provide. 1 catch per game with a 2 catch game sprinkled in every month? Come on, that's not 2nd round production. On top of that, when you ditch on a 2nd rounder just two years after drafting him and utilize another 2nd rounder to replace him you better be getting solid production.

    It's not too early from the perspective I'm talking about, which has very little to do with Escobar himself. The team failed with Bennett because they never integrated him into the passing game. The very rarely tried to utilize his size advantage and just put him on the line to block.

    As far quality backups are concerned, sure those are nice. But so are starters at one of the many positions the team could have used help at last year.

    Additionally, the team had just drafted Hannah who looked capable enough to play the role of backup and who ended up getting the greater share of snaps.

    They cut bait on Fasano, failed to make it work with Bennett, and unless they change how they've gone about the 2TE it will be the same with Escobar.
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    You are comparing Fasano's numbers as a starter to Bennett's as a back up. The starter should always win that battle. Fasano's averages are terrible for a starting TE in today's NFL. And you fail to account that Jason Witten was still the starter and producing big numbers for Dallas. There is more to being the #2 TE than just receptions. Bennett was a very good blocker. Fasano wasn't. And yes, people expected too much from Bennett. I read over and over on this board and others how Bennett was going to be a 60 reception a year guy as the back up. That just isn't the norm. The Patriots with Gronk and Hernandez was the anomaly and I never saw Dallas being able to replicate that type of production. I'm not hear to claim Bennett was some great success in Dallas, but they did get some use out of him while he was here. More than they would have gotten out of Fasano. You can just compare their production since they left. Bennett is clearly better than Fasano.
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    I wasn't saying Fasano was better and quite honestly it doesn't matter who was better. I was pointing out that he can play well enough to be a #2. Are those numbers great? No, but if we're under the impression that Dallas got utility for Bennett then his numbers wouldn't need to be great because he wouldn't be the #1, and his numbers would even need to be what they were in Miami.

    FWIW, Bennett is the better player but that's largely irrelevant because if you aren't maximizing a guy's ability to help your team you might as well not even have all the extra talent he possesses on the roster. What's the point? If your system puts inherent ceilings on a players ability to produce, drafting a player who's ability is above the ceiling doesn't do anything for you. What's a reasonable expecation for a #2 TE? It sounds like you believe it likely falls somewhere between what Bennett produced as a #2 and what Fasano produced as a #1. If that's the case, Fasano can give you that. He's proven he can go above that with more opportunities so you have no reason to believe that he wouldn't be able to provide less.

    Bennett did a hell of a lot better once he left Dallas and that proves the point I've been trying to make. If you only need a limited amount of production, or only expect a limited amount, don't draft a guy in the 2nd round to provide it because that kind of production can be had in nearly every round.

    Sure, Bennett was a good blocker. Fasano may not have been good at blocking but Escobar isn't either so that's not a reason to ditch Fasano for Bennett because the team went from a struggling blocker to a good blocker, and then to a bad blocker. Of course it goes without saying that the reason the team drafted Escobar was because they want more than what they were getting from Bennett. If not, give James Hannah the #2 spot outright and he'll get you 20 receptions.

    It's one of two things.

    Expectations are low-to-modest: In this case, you don't get rid of Fasano because he would have worked as a #2 TE.

    Expecatsion are modest-to-high: In this, Bennett failed to meet expectations and it's because he was never put in a position to do so. He blocked 60% of the time he was on the field and he was on the field about half the time....maybe a bit more. IIRC he ran about 10 routes per game, and was almost never the primary target.

    Dallas is either wasting draft picks to get minimal production, or they've been chasing after production that the system does not allow.

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