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    In a 12-man re-draft league, when do you typically decide to take a defense? I've read in all kinds of fantasy football strategy articles that say it's best not to take a defense until the latter part of the draft. Many say for example in a 16 round draft, take defense anywhere from rd 10-16.

    How many of you REALLY wait to take a defense? Its always a gamble to take a D early,

    How many of you gamble and take a good D earlier than normal (rds 6-8) or later in the draft (rds 9-16)?

    The last couple of years, I've bought into waiting very late in the draft to grab a defense and I'll show you why. In the 6th-8th round you can grab so much better value, rather than wasting it on a defense. Last year for example, (12-man, 18rounds) I waited until 9 owners selected their defense, a couple of them had already selected their 2nd Defense before I drafted the Cowboys in round 12 and the Packers in round 13. (I had the 1st overall pick) and I still didn't wait long enough!! Looking at the top ten defensive teams in our league, 6 out of 10 were drafted in the 16th round or later, 2 were undrafted, and ONLY 2 teams selected between rounds 6-9 were in this list. The Defenses I drafted: Cowboys (81pts) and Packers (101pts), were ranked near the bottom of the pack #26 & #31. Luckily, I was able to grab the Bengals off the waivers and finished got some good weeks out of them. In 2003, (16 man, 16 rounds) I didnt draft ANY defenses! I ended up dropping a scrub WR and picking up Vikings, and later on the Lions. My point is, the Team Defense position is very unpredictable and chancing an early pick is a huge risk. I've also learned, that you only need to draft 1 Defense and not 2. Ditto with Kickers. Youre more than likely going to find a top scoring defense off the waivers, so depth at this position isnt necessary like other positions. I know that each league has different scoring systems, but I guarantee that you'll find similar results in almost any scoring system. Our league mirrors the scoring of the WCOFF (World Championship of Fantasy Football).

    Defense/Special Teams Scoring:
    1 point for every sack
    2 points for every team takeaway (interception or fumble recovery)
    6 points for every TD (via interception return, fumble return, punt or kickoff return, blocked FG return, missed FG return, blocked punt return)
    2 points for every safety
    5 points for every shutout
    2 points for allowing between 1- 5 points
    1 point for allowing between 6 – 10 points

    2004 Defense - Points/rd drafted
    1.Bills 189 - 16th
    2.Ravens 165 - 8th
    3.Pats 155 - 9th
    4.Falcons 153 - 16th
    5.Colts 150 - 16th
    6.Steelers 146 - 16th
    7.Bengals 144 - undrafted
    8.Bears 139 - undrafted
    9.NYJ 131 - 18th
    10.Seahawks 131 - 16th

    11.Bucs 131 - 10th
    12.Panthers 130 - 6th
    13.Saints 127 - undrafted
    14.Lions 125 - undrafted
    15.Giants 124 - undrafted
    16.Texans 123 - undrafted
    17.Eagles 121 - 10th
    18.Cardinals 115 - undrafted
    19.Chargers 115 - undrafted
    20.Chiefs 108 - 11th
    21.Redskins 107 - 15th
    22.Titans 102 -8th
    23.Browns 104 - undrafted
    24.Vikings 103 - 16th
    25. Jaguars 102 - undrafted
    26. Packers 101 - 13th
    27. Dolphins 101 - 14th
    28. Broncos 93 - 11th
    29. 49ers 91 - undrafted
    30. Rams 87 - 11th
    31. Cowboys 81 - 12th
    32. Raiders 71- undrafted

    2003 Defense - pts/rd drafted
    1.NE 185 - 9th
    2. Ravens 176 - 9th
    3. Rams 172 - undrafted
    4. Chiefs 158 - 14th
    5. Titans 147 - 10th
    6. Dolphins 145 - 7th
    7. Vikings 137 - undrafted
    8. Bucs 136 - 5th
    9. 49ers 133 - 14th
    10. Lions 127 - undrafted

    11. Panthers 126 - 7th
    12. Seahawks 126 - 15th
    13. Packers 124 - 6th
    14. Falcons 123 - 9th
    15. Cowboys 117 - 12th
    16.Eagles 115 - 6th
    17. Giants 114 - 10th
    18. Colts 112 - 15th
    19. Steelers 112 - 6th
    20. Saints 109 - 10th
    21. Bills 107 - 13th
    22. Raiders 107 - 10th
    23. Broncos 100 - 12th
    24. skins 96 - 14th
    25. Browns 94 - 15th
    26. Jets 92 - 12th
    27. Bengals 90 - 16th
    28.jaguars 90 - 12th
    29. Bears 88 - 13th
    30. Cards 78 - undrafted
    31. Chargers 78 - 11th
    32. Texans 71 - 16th

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    I usually wait til the end, somewhere between the 10th and usually the 14th. I , like you, drafted Dallas last year and I think I took them in the 12 or 13th.....of course since their def had a bad year I ended up dropping them and picked up the Bengals D, the Bucs D, and the Cardinals D, and alternated between the 3 of them based on who they were playing. A couple of guys in my 12 team league took defenses early (one took NE in the 5th) and the other took the Ravens in the 7th. For the most part the other owners selected D's between 10-15.
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    Going back and looking at the draft board again, In round 12, when I selected Dallas D, I still didnt have my TE yet. I was targeting Witten in the 13th because everyone already had theirs, but he was taken a few picks before he fell to me.
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    I had Witten targeted last year and I knew no one in my league would have their eye on him so I was able to get him in the 15th round of my draft. Now IF I choose to retain him I can, but the way our league is set up he would cost me my 8th round pick this year. I am leaning towards not retaining him only because I want to retain someone else (we can only retain a max of 4 players) and I think I MIGHT be able to still draft him in about the 9th round. Or is that wishful thinking on my part?
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    I think the word's out on Witten man. He's no longer a sleeper. If your league has some sharks, I wouldnt bet getting him that late. I think he'll be the 3rd or 4th TE taken this year. Not sure who else your keeping, but I think he's worth consideration...He'll easily out perform an 8th round pick. Especially if youre comparing him among his peers (TE's).
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    "I think the word's out on Witten man"

    Trust me I realize this. I havent totally made up my mind if I will or wont retain Witten. I know as we get closer to my league's draft I will be torn. Feel free to give your .02......I will can retain two out of the following three: Chad Johnson as a 3rd RD pick, Larry Fitzgerald for a 7th round pick (I traded Fred Taylor for Fitz last year so I want to keep him), or Witten for a 8th. I am already retaining S Jackson for a 7th and I may get Kevin Jones in which I would retain him too. If I dont get Jones then I can retain all 4 (Jackson, Fitz, Witten, Johnson).
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    I don't draft per position... I draft per point tiers... obviously it's based on speculation... but, if a Defense can score a 150 points, isn't that more valuable than getting your 3d WR that only scores 90 points??
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    If your #3 WR is only scoring 90 pts, then you neglected that position until very late in the draft. A 90pt WR is usually found in rounds 14-16. What I'm saying is that instead of blowing a mid round pick on a (7-10), defense, unless its Baltimore, you could be much better value in other positions, specifically RB & WR during those rounds. I'd feel alot more confident about a Donald Driver or Isaac Bruce putting up 150pts, than a Pittsburgh or Philly defense. You can wait until the later rounds to find a defense to put up similar numbers to the top defenses, but its alot harder finding a WR to put up similar numbers to a mid round WR very late in the draft.

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