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    When several teams tie with the same record, how do they determine the draft order of those teams? Last year there were 7 teams, I believe, with 8-8 records. Dallas was one of those teams and the draft positions were 13th through 19th, I believe. Our position was 14th, how was that determined?

    Side note: Next year, if we draft no lower than 12th( 7-9 records drafted 11th & 12th in 2012), we could theoretically trade back 3 times and still draft in 31st or 32nd place. We would gain a 2nd and 2 3rd round picks during these trades. Of course we would have to have teams that were willing to participate in order to accomplish these trades. I think by trading this far back that Jerry would be more apt to go Oline in first round and there will probably be a top Olineman available.

    Using the Draft Pick Value Chart here is how these 3 trades can be accomplished.

    Position Numeric Value

    12th 1200

    Trade For:

    16th 1000 & 3rd(190) = 1190

    Trade 16th(1000)
    for 26th 700 & 2nd(320) = 1020

    Trade 26th(700)
    for 32nd 590 & 3rd(116) = 706

    So, if the above can be accomplished, these extra picks(3,3,2), if used correctly, could do more for the franchise than anything since the Herschel Walker trade. This is where a team needs an experienced and true professional as their GM.

    Your thoughts.
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    It's determined by strength of schedule with the team having the lowest SOS getting the highest slot. The thinking there is if a team goes 6-10 with an easier schedule than another 6-10 team then they need more help.
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    What's the tiebreaker if both teams SOS is the same? Coin flip?

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    I believe conference record and divisional record are the next tiebreakers. A coin flip would be the last tiebreaker.

    Once the first round order is determined with those tied teams, they rotate the order in the following rounds. So if the Cowboys lose a tiebreaker to the Dolphins in the first round, they'll pick ahead of them in round 2.

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