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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sacase, Sep 15, 2006.

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    Here are a few things I noticed about Sunday's game.

    1) With reguards to Bledsoe, he is a good QB when you give him time AND when he doesn't feel he has to win the game by himeself. If you put him in a position where he feels that he has to win the game, he is going to take chances. There is a 50/50 chance that he will win or loose the game for you. He has had many great combacks as well as some bad losses.

    2) As good as TO played I give him four mistakes. The first one I belive he caught the pass, but he collided with Witten at the biginning of the route. Someone made a mistake on the route. The second one I noticed was the penalty on Fasano was probally TO's fault again someone ran the wrong route, I would guess it would be TO. Next was the possible TD pass to TO over the middle. Bledsoe was expecting TO to run the route deeper and he ran it flat. The last was pretty much the same thing on a third down pass I belive ( I am working from memory) He once again ran the route flat and Bledsoe thought it would be Deeper. I point out these mistakes since three of them were significant. I belive these will be ironed out in the coming weeks.

    3) Defense - I am not sure if it was game planned this way or not, but the Defense does not attack at all. It is still more read react. I would like to see it get more agressive but I don't think we will see it in the Redskins game. While they run a simlier offense to the Chiefs, I don't think we know enough about their plays and play calling to be overly aggressive against them.
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    ..On Witten's PI call. He could have simply drivenn hard to the inside and given himself better body position. He might have used his shoulder to create separation, but the instant you use your hands to initiate contact, the flags will come out. He's a big, physical guy and he needs to use his body more to establish his target zone against D backs.
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    1) Against Jax, Bledsoe threw interceptions when there was no pressure on him. He just had a bad game.

    2) TO didn't practice much, but I don't think those plays were his fault. Bledsoe was off. When a WR is wide open, the QB has to find him, period. I'm not sure about the Fasano one.

    3) I agree our defense does not attack. I keep saying it is the scheme, but I'm starting to wonder if it's the talent level. I want to believe that this defense is really improved just like everybody else, but until they start making plays - sacks, tackles for losses, turnovers, etc. - I will not be convinced.
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    Zimmer just runs a low risk D, that's really it. Just like we were the supposed #1 D a few years back, it was just in yards. Bend but don't break type of D, waiting on the offense to make a mistake, instead of the D causing the mistake.

    There are good and bad sides of this type of D. But I think this is the scheme and D we will see as long as Zimmner is here.

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