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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Mar 13, 2006.

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    First of all, I fully expect Dallas to sign a veteran Kicker before we enter the draft. IMO, this is our #1 need at this time. I also expect (hope) that the FS position will be addressed in FA by adding, in the least, a capable starter for the position. Assuming these are the only positions we adequately address via FA, my analysis for draft day is as follows.

    Team needs in order of priority (IMO):

    1. RT- this position is currently the biggest stain on our team. We haven't drafted an O-Lineman in the 1st round in 25 years. Think about it.

    2. WR- #$@% T.O. This team needs to finally bring in some youth at this position. For far too long now we have adressed this position with underachieving veterans. We haven't adressed this position with a first day pick (other than Bryant:mad: ) in over a decade.

    3. NT- glaring need now. Thomas Johnson may step up but a 3rd option is desperately needed for the position for rotation and backup purposes.

    4. OLB- we need some relief for Ware and a starter or backup on the Strong side. 3-4 is all about the LBers.

    5. OG- Larry Allen? Stephen Peterman? Marco Rivera? Too many questionmarks here. We need more depth and competition.

    6. ILB- this is a big need but given the mental aspect of the position I hope someone with NFL experience is brought in to man the position. I also really like the prospect of Fowler playing it.
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    1. RT- Agreed, but other than Brick, who is worthy of our 18 pick and then we relive starting a rookie. I think we'll probably draft a T, but there aren't exactly a lot of good vet T's out there in FA right now either. Maybe we up our offer to Fabini, that's about the only option I'm seeing. I don't think McNeil is worthy of the 18 pick.

    2. WR- agreed on TO, but that's about the fastest way to inject lethality in our passing game. Aren't any WR's in this draft that inspire illusions of becoming a #1 guy. Maybe Jackson...3-4 years from now. Holmes, Moss, Stovall...all #2 guys at best. I agree we need to get younger...just that our options aren't there and other needs are more pressing.

    3. NT- I actually like Pepper an awful lot. He plays with some fire, certainly more than Fergi. I would have preferred to have Kemo to Fergi but we got what we got I suppose. I agree that I'd feel better having one more big guy in the rotation, I don't think its unreasonable to assume that we'll take a hard look at Ngata or more likely, Watson in the draft come round 2. If either is still there.

    4. OLB- This is our need position. I don't see us getting Peterson and there are lots of potential stars in this draft. I love Lawson, like Tapp, love Carpenter (but I think he's more of a ILB), like Schlegel and Parham on Day 2. I think we look for an impact guy like Lawson in round 1. I think Burnett brings it next year and I look for Kalen Thorton to back up D Ware quite effectively, maybe even get some rotational time.

    5. OG- We just signed that no-name Kosier and retained Gurode. I think we're done at the G position, and I think we keep LA. If Davin Joseph slipped to round 4, I hope JJ pull something like the Canty trade. Jean-Gilles is a beast and would be worth a second...but won't be there at 18 in the 2nd. Still there are others that will be.

    6. ILB- I think we're almost done here. I think James and Ayodele are the ILB starters. We need a backup, not sure if thats Shanle or Fowler or who but I think our starters are set in stone. I guess that we'll either sign some no-name to replace Fajita as backup ILB or look to day 2 draft at someone like Parham or others to fill the void.

    If we get Lawson in the draft, I'm actually going to be VERY excited about our LB corps. I think Burnett and Thorton are hidden gems.
    I think that even if we sign a vet FS, I think we still look in the draft, maybe even day 1, at FS's because A) There are a ton of good ones this year and B) about any vet we sign, like the most likely, Coleman, is old. Unless we get Hope, which I hope and don't think we will, our FS is likely to be over 30. There will be FS starters in rounds 2-4.
    I agree on K, we HAVE to have someone. In fact, if we sign a decent K, I will exhale about our entire offseason.

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