Teams listed in top 10 recruiting class

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    Florida: Want to know the power for the Florida Gator recruiting machine? All five of Florida's 5-Star rated prospects announced for the Gators after Head Coach Urban Meyer went through his on-again / off-again retirement / leave of absence. Losing defensive coordinator Charlie Strong to Louisville was a blow, but new coach George Edwards is getting a huge transfusion of talent into the program with 15 defensive recruits including one of the best defensive line hauls in memory. Defensive end Ronald Powell (6-4/250) and defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd (6-2/311) are the top players in the nation at each of his positions. Florida is also reloading in the defensive backfield with commitments from seven players slated to play either safety or corner. Athlete Matt Elam (6-1/205) headlines this group as Scout's #2 safety nationally. Elam could also be one of the nation's best running backs. One the offensive side of the ball, it's more speed for the Gators as running backs Mack Brown (5-11/195/4.38) and Travon Van (5-11/190/4.4) are dangerous open field runners that operate best in space, and wide receiver Chris Dunkley (5-11/170/4.43) is a run after the catch receiver capable of taking a short pass and turning it into a big play. Sound familiar?

    Texas: For the first time in years, the Texas Longhorns added some drama to January with a pair of late commitments from 5-Star defenders Jackson Jeffcoat (DE, 6-4/233) and Jordan Hicks (LB, 6-2/200). Texas is no stranger to the top of the recruiting rankings with four Top 10 finishes in the last five years, but the 2010 edition of the Longhorn class saw a later assault on the top spot than usual. Of Texas' six 5-Star commitments, only one (defensive end Reggie Wilson (6-3/238)) committed to the Longhorns before October 29th. By contrast, only two players of any rating committed to Texas that late in the season in the last two years combined. Jeffcoat and Wilson give Texas the most potent pair of ends in the nation, but it's the wide receiver position that is making the headlines in this class. While the Gators went heavy on defensive backs, Texas is bringing in six wide receivers including 5-Stars Mike Davis (6-1/175/4.38) and Darius White (6-4/195/4.60) as well as do-everything athlete Demarco Cobbs (6-2/205/4.50) who could see time at running back, safety, or wide receiver before his career is done at Texas. With over 400 players to choose from in the state of Texas alone, the Longhorns didn't exactly bring in a class from all over the country, but with three out of state players on the commitment list, that equals the amount Texas brought in from out of state in the last three years combined.

    Oklahoma: Oklahoma made this a two team race in the Big 12 and a three team race nationally, holding on to the #1 spot on Scout's Team Rankings for much of the season with early commitments from the likes of 5-Star quarterback Blake Bell (6-6/215) and 5-Star running back Brennan Clay (5-11/190/4.45). The top three teams on Scout's rankings have an interesting contrast of players. Florida is heavy on defensive backs. Texas is heavy on wide receivers, and both of them are light on the offensive line with only three linemen between them. Oklahoma is bringing in the #1 offensive line class in the country with five players ranked 4-Stars by Scout including powerful interior line prospects Bronson Irwin (6-5/315) and Adam Shead (6-4/320). The Sooners typically make a living in the state of Texas, but Oklahoma ventured out to the left coast to pluck three stars from the San Diego area. 5-Star wide receiver Kenny Stills (6-1/180/4.36) and hard hitting linebacker Tony Jefferson (6-0/210) join Clay to give Oklahoma three of the West Coast's top prospects and an influx of speed that could be put to use early at Oklahoma.

    Alabama: No pun intended, but the Crimson Tide continue to roll. Alabama is poised to finish with its third straight Top 5 Class on Scout, and with the results on the field to validate the recruiting pitch off of it, Alabama shows no sign of slowing down. Alabama looks to have locked up its quarterback of the future with Scout's #2 ranked, 5-Star quarterback Phillip Sims (6-2/215) of Chesapeake, Va.. Sims set the all-time passing record in Virginia and will look forward to throwing to a bevy of young receivers joining him in this class. Four receivers are a part of the Alabama class including Texas import DeAndrew White (6-0/170) who is ranked 13th in the country by Scout. Those accustomed to seeing Alabama's smothering defense won't be disappointed. Demarcus Milliner (6-1/185) has the size and hitting ability of a safety with the hip turn of a corner; fittingly, Milliner is ranked #1 by Scout at cornerback. Milliner is joined by Scout's #6 corner Johnavon Fulton (6-0/175) and 4-Star junior college transfer Dequan Menzie (6-0/180). Putting pressure on the quarterback up front is one of the more intriguing prospects in the nation in Adrian Hubbard (6-7/230) of Norcross, Ga.. Hubbard just joined the football team as a senior after spending much of his prep career on the hard court. Hubbard's natural athleticism was discovered quickly and he racked up scholarship offers by the bushel as a senior.

    Auburn: Doing its part to make sure Alabama doesn't run off and hide in the SEC West, Head Coach Gene Chizik and staff took an adrenaline shot to Auburn's recruiting efforts in their first full year. Auburn's infusion of talent spans across its entire team. Auburn has 12 players rated 4-Stars or better by Scout, and those 12 players are spread across nine different positions. No player personifies the versatility of this class better than 5-Star wide receiver Trovon Reed (6-0/180) of Thibodaux, La.. Reed filled a need at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl by volunteering to play corner during the week, a position he had very limited experience. By all accounts, he was the best corner in attendance. Scout's #2 running back Michael Dyer (5-10/195/4.49) should step in and see playing time right away. Auburn's front seven on defense also features several players that could be on the field as freshmen including 4-Star defensive tackle Jeffrey Whitaker (6-4/295) and any one of five linebacker commits including LaDarius Owens (6-3/230) and Jake Holland (6-1/228). Of all of Auburn's recruits though, none is being counted on to have an impact as great as Scout's #1 Junior College quarterback Cameron Newton (6-6/245/4.52). Newton offers a run/pass option that could be the difference between a good season at Auburn and a great one in 2010.

    Penn St.: Anyone that doesn't follow recruiting religiously that has gotten a chance to see Scout's #1 linebacker Mike Hull (6-0/220) play, typically has the same comment, "Makes sense that kid is going to Linebacker U". Hull has size, speed, instincts and the drive to succeed that make him the top linebacker in the country this year. Making life easier for Hull will be Scout's #5 defensive tackle DaQuan Jones (6-4/300). Jones can occupy a double team or take the glory himself with his quick step into the backfield. The Nittany Lions are also bringing in a pair of highly ranked quarterbacks in 5-Star run/pass threat Paul Jones (6-3/225) and conventional dropback passer Robert Bolden (6-4/205 ranked #8 nationally).

    LSU: Speaking of being no stranger to the Top 10 in recruiting, since Scout's first full year starting with the Class of 2003, LSU has only finished outside of the Top 10 once, in 2005 when the Bayou Bengals only signed 13 players. Safety Eric Reid (6-1/202) has the size of a linebacker with the speed of a defensive back. He looks to continue LSU's most recent tradition of fast, nasty defensive back play. Spencer Ware (5-11/215), Scout's #10 running back nationally, could see immediate time next year with the departure of leading rushers Charles Scott and Keiland Williams to graduation.

    Washington: It would stand to make sense that Washington's recruiting really took off after beating USC on September 19th, but that would be a disservice to the recruiting job that Steve Sarkisian and staff had already done to that point. Of the Huskies' eight 4-Star rated recruits, five of them were already on board the Washington bandwagon before beating the Trojans. With three 4-Star offensive linemen led by #5 guard Erik Kohler (6-5/285) as well as #4 defensive tackle Sione Potae, the Husky class may not be flashy, but more importantly, it's big and athletic in the trenches.

    Michigan: With his third straight 20+ member class, Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez should have the tools to run his system that served him so well at West Virginia. While Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson started at quarterback as a true freshmen, they'll be pushed hard by a bigger, more physical Devin Gardner (6-4/205). Gardner represents a middle ground between the Forcier in a bigger package. Gardner doesn't throw like Forcier, but he's a more dangerous runner. He doesn't run like Robinson, but he's a better thrower. Looking to improve on the defensive front, Michigan is bringing in six linemen, the most highly rated is Ohio import Jibreel Black (6-2/260).

    Oklahoma St.: The Cowboys look to be another team getting serious about playing defense in the wide open Big 12 as the top three players on their board are defenders. Outside linebacker Shaun Lewis (6-1/210) is joined by 4-Star defensive tackle Calvin Barnett (6-3/305) and 4 Star linebacker Caleb Levy (6-3/211) as the future of the Oklahoma State defense. The Cowboys are definitely getting bigger on signing day with 10 offensive and defensive linemen.
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    This is supposedly OU's best class ever. But so was the class with Adrian Peterson and that class ended up doing very little.
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    Help me keep an eye on 5-Star quarterback Blake Bell (6-6/215) the next couple of years. He went to high school just down the road so I got to see him play a few times. I'm anxious to see if he can turn into a big time QB or just flame out. We rarely get 5-Star prospects so a lot of people think this kid is something special.
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    Joe Pa still has some tricks up his sleeve
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    must be the best high school crop ever with so many top teams saying this is their best ever class.
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    He couldnt name any of the players....
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    OU probably didn't recruit Texas as well as they have but they got a 5 star in Corey Nelson who was committed to A&M before switching to OU. They just recruited better nationwide. OU got 3 really big time San Diego players, 2 of them 5 star guys. Blake Bell and Justin McCay are 5 stars from, still got a few good Texas linemen also. Stoops says this is the most speed he's ever gotten in one class. Kenny Stills and Justin McCay should play a lot as freshmen.
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    Those star ratings only mean so is a VERY VERY inexact process.

    For most part, if a team has a recruiting class rated in the top 10-15 in any of the ranking services, then they are right there with everyone else. I can't count how many years Notre Dame has had a top rated recuriting class and then fielded a crappy team, for example.

    The worst thing a fan can do is look at how high or low one of these very flawed services has their team and then base expectations soley on that.

    It's a mixed blessing for coaches for sure. You and your staff bust tail to get the guys you want and they end rated according to someone elses standards.
    It's bad if your team has the top rated classs and fans think you must get a title and it's bad if you get everyone you are trying to get (mostly) but the services rank you much the fans think you can't recruit. lol

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    Rivals actually ranks them this way:

    1. USC
    2. Florida
    3. Texas
    4. Auburn
    5. Alabama
    6. LSU
    7. Oklahoma
    8. UCLA
    9. Tennessee
    10. FSU
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    That looks more like how most of the main services ranked them...with top three being in various order.

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    Personally, I don't see how USC has the top class but whatever. I think Florida has the top class but it depends on how you evaluate the players from each service. Some are ranked as 5 in one but 4 in another so it's a relative thing I suppose.
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    The team that suprised me was Tennessee. Dooley held it together and added a bunch of surprises. Impressive...on paper anyway.

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    Henderson committing to USC kinda shocked me. I thought he would end up at Ohio State. Florida was very high on his list and probably would have gotten him had there not been a question of who would be coaching him. When he kind of went away from them, I figured he would do the same thing with USC but he didn't. That's is the player that got USC ranked higher on the Rivals board. If USC lands in hot water, Henderson might still go elsewhere. I don't think he's signed his letter yet so I guess he could still go in another direction.
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    The best way to rank classes is how good they are 2 or 3 years from now.
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    I'm not sure where the thread ranking come from.
    Scout had it:
    1. Florida 28 SEC 5384 12 5 16 6 12 16 0 28 0 3.89
    2. Oklahoma 29 Big 12 5147 7 5 14 10 14 15 0 29 0 3.83
    3. Texas 25 Big 12 5134 9 6 13 5 11 13 1 25 0 3.96
    4. Alabama 29 SEC 4464 5 2 14 9 13 14 2 27 2 3.38
    5. USC 20 Pac-10 4425 7 6 11 3 12 8 0 18 2 4.15
    6. Auburn 32 SEC 4313 4 3 10 15 14 16 2 28 4 3.38
    7. LSU 29 SEC 4063 3 0 12 15 13 15 1 28 1 3.34
    8. UCLA 24 Pac-10 4050 5 2 11 11 7 16 1 24 0 3.63
    9. Penn State 20 Big Ten 3857 4 3 12 4 11 9 0 20 0 3.85
    10. Florida State 24 ACC 3830 4 3 7 14 8 16 0 21 3 3.54
    11. Washington 30 Pac-10 3633 2 0 9 16 14 16 0 30 0 3.13
    12. Michigan 27 Big Ten 3594 3 1 8 17 10 16 1 27 0 3.33
    13. Oregon 23 Pac-10 3262 2 2 6 13 8 13 2 20 3 3.35
    14. Mississippi 25 SEC 3184 0 1 6 16 9 15 1 22 3 3.24
    15. Tennessee 25 SEC 3175 5 1 7 14 14 10 1 21 4 3.24
    16. Pittsburgh 24 Big East 3151 2 1 5 16 14 10 0 23 1 3.21
    17. Miami (Fl) 28 ACC 3096 0 0 4 20 16 12 0 27 1 3.00
    18. Oklahoma State 27 Big 12 3086 1 0 4 22 11 16 0 26 1 3.11
    19. Notre Dame 23 Indep 3033 2 0 6 15 12 11 0 23 0 3.17
    20. Ohio State 18 Big Ten 3032 4 1 9 8 7 10 1 18 0 3.61
    21. Georgia 19 SEC 2990 4 1 9 7 7 12 0 18 1 3.47
    22. BYU 26 MWC 2900 1 1 4 16 12 14 0 26 0 3.04
    23. Clemson 23 ACC 2838 0 0 5 15 8 15 0 23 0 3.09
    24. Stanford 23 Pac-10 2814 1 0 5 16 11 11 1 23 0 3.13
    25. Texas A&M 22 Big 12 2688 1 1 3 16 14 8 0 21 1 3.14

    And ABQ just listed Rivals.
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    Well, in 2007 the rankings looked like this (Rivals)

    1 Florida
    2 Southern Cal
    3 Tennessee
    4 LSU
    5 Texas
    6 South Carolina
    7 Auburn
    8 Notre Dame
    9 Georgia
    10 Alabama

    In 2008 they looked like this (Rivals):

    1 Alabama
    2 Notre Dame
    3 Florida
    4 Ohio State
    5 Miami
    6 Oklahoma
    7 Georgia
    8 USC
    9 Florida State
    10 Michigan
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    Rivals is probably the worst of the big 3. I'ld probably say Scout is the best.
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    Sounds like you and your draft threads.

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    I don't know how anybody could rank OUs class as the second best in the Nation.

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