Tebow to TE? Has better numbers than Drafted TE's

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sbark, Jul 28, 2013.

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    How does this guy lift all those weights and never stop to think guys like Montana, Brady and Romo are built like they work at a balsa wood factory? Someone gave Mike Vick time to grow into the position of QB. If I remember correctly Tebow has better number than him and allot of other QB's that play similarly (runnin) their first year or 1st 16 games so he should get a chance somewhere. But the guy is an athlete, I could see Billicheck trying to replace Kevin Faulk with Tebow.
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    All those guys average 6'-5" in height and have been playing the position for years. Tebow(6'-2") could probably start learning the position now, but it will take a few years before he becomes a legitimate, consistent weapon.

    Romo doesn't look small. Neither does Brady. Not compared to Montana who was a small QB.
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    I don't know about that BUT.....he could be a heckuva Hback.....like Wycek was for the Titans. I mean it's so obvious. He'll play there as well as TE and play well. Alas, it won't be enough now that da felon Hernandez is out. (along with Welker being gone and China Doll Gronk in and out of the lineup)
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    Sounds like we're sayin the same thing sorta. I think if he's TE or H-back and he's givin a clear cut objective he's gonna be dependable. Thats what kept K.Faulk around for so many years. He's gotta be a niche player. Either way this'l be a good year to see if Bellichick still has it. But I was pretty sure the magic was gone when I seen Brady do that kickstand slide.
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    Don't expect Tebow's move to tight end to be a successful one. Not many players have the ability to adjust to an entirely different position at the nfl level.

    The guy is already 25 years old.

    It's already being reported that he is playing QB not TE.

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