ted ginn, jr.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JPostSam, Dec 9, 2006.

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    I'm with Rack on this.

    Granted I haven't seen a WHOLE lot of Ohio State but I have watched several games.

    Its not very often that I've seen Ginn making a catch on a normal, well-run reciever route. Most every catch I've ever seen him make was on a short WR screen where it allows him to use his ability in the open field... or, its just a pure fly route where he beats people with his speed.

    On the other hand, every catch I've seen Gonzalez make was on a well-run route. He looks much more like a true reciever, and Ginn is more of a pure athlete.
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    I like Ginn, but I get flashbacks of another receiver with tremendous college speed and moves...Peter Warrick. I loved Warrick coming out of college and he made unreal play after play. It just didn't translate on the field in the NFL. I'd probably take Ginn with our 1st pick around 28-32, but wouldn't be sad if he were picked right before our pick.
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    Some may not like this but at some point, we have to find someone who can rush the passer opposite Ware.

    I would go WR/OLB passrush specialist/OT/NT/G/. We have to keep drafting or picking up pass rushers until we find one.
  4. ConcordCowboy

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    He's only a JR and he needs to stay and work on his route running.

    Smith's a Senior so he's gone and Ginn may say hey my Heisman Winning QB :D and Friend is leaving how am I going to do next year with a new QB and may decide to leave...But it would be a mistake.

    Ginn's stock dropped a little this year he needs to stay and build it back up.

    That being said...If he comes out and Dallas has a chance to get him...Do it!:D
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    Like somebody else said, I'd rather trade down out of the first, if we don't win the super bowl and end up with a pick in the early-mid 20's I'd prefer to do like we did in the JP Losman deal, and get 2 first rounders next year {I don't see that happening though}.

    As far as Ginn vs. Gonzo, I'd take Gonzo over him in a heartbeat, but that's just me. However, I don't watch a lot of OSU so I could be completely wrong about my judgment.

    I'm not positive on what picks we have, but in the 2nd and 1st rounds if we don't trade either away I'd like to see a DT and CB, the order doesn't matter. In the 3rd and 4th a WR and QB again the order doesn't matter.
  6. Rocky

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    I love his physical abilities. However, he doesn't have great hands, and appears to not relish contact a great deal. Bottom half of the rd 1 is where I'd take him. Maybe he can be improve on these drawbacks early in his pro career with proper coaching.

    Now C watkins is the complete WR.... I think Simieon Rice is even ahead of Ginn purely as a receiver at this juncture, save the explosiveness.
  7. like a dog

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    You are a ****ing idiot. Running back!? Are you ****ing kidding me? The Cowboys biggest needs (in non-******** order) are: free safety, pressure player (be he a defensive lineman or a outside linebacker) and a young wide receiver to groom. If Ted Ginn Jr. was available when we were on the clock we would be all the **** over him. He would immediately become the fastest person in the NFL (eclipsing Joey Galloway). I would love to see him running under Romo's passes for the next 10 years.
  8. Fan Since 77

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    What if Julius continues to suck? What then? MB3 is good for twenty yards, but we need a homerun threat. And if you think I'm an idiot for suggesting that, you're complete ****** for saying we need a receiver. We are loaded at that position.
  9. nicodywill

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    what about some protection jake long from michigan is a hoss, ryan khalil from USC as well. as far as all these big name impact guys go i figure they'll be long gone by the time we get a pick i figure with us picking dead last if you know wahat i'm hinting at.
  10. like a dog

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    No, you're right. There is no need to worry about the wide receiver position, given that our starters are 33 and 32 respectively. That's young! *******.
  11. Fan Since 77

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    ginn is a first round pick. We aren't taking a WR in the first round. If Julius regains form, no need to take a RB either, then we focus on a safety. If Julius continues his downward spiral of sucking, then we need to take a RB early.
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    TO is terrible i'll be suprised if he's with the team next year i'd waive him trade him cut him just get rid of him, glenn is gettin old but i think there are other issues bigger than WR. take care of that with free agency at year end and a late round pick. we have good young recievers who might just need a bigger stage to shine. this is funny though teddy ginn, yeah why not how about brady quinn or adrian peterson or troy smith. more like steve smith yeah you know that guy from USC thats more our quality of pick for where we'll be picking
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    We need a speedburner like Glenn to groom. We have the big possession kid already who has the speed to break one; we have Crayton as the #3 guy. A glenn clone if possible. Ginn- just does not have the HANDS you want in a WR in the NFL.
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    all very true but the ginn talk is ludacris he'll already be at camp by the time we pick if he even comes out this year after all he's only a Jr.
  15. like a dog

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    Completely true. That's why it is so absurd that people are saying we wouldn't take him. If Ginn was around in the late 20s (32?) he would be a Dallas Cowboy. And we would have a better team for it.
  16. ravidubey

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    Ginn is a monster and should go high in the draft. He is quicker than Calvin Johnson.
  17. VA Cowboy

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    The best WR we'd have chance at in the first round would be Sidney Rice. But I wouldn't mind Robert Meachem in the second.

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