Ted Kennedy asks Massachusetts to prepare for his succession

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Rogah, Aug 19, 2009.

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    OK I know this is a local issue and no one here is from Massachusetts, but I thought some of the members herein - especially those of you who lean right - might enjoy the hypocrisy, uh I mean the irony of this request.

    Prior to 2004, Massachusetts had a law whereby if a Senator left office, the governor would appoint an interim successor until a special election was held. Obviously anyone the governor appointed would have the advantage of incumbency.

    In the summer of 2004, it became apparent that Sen. John Kerry was going to win the Presidential nomination. At the time, Massachusetts had a Republican governor (Mitt Romney). So the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature passed a law getting rid of the governor's ability to appoint an interim Senator in case Kerry won.

    Now flash forward to 2009. The Massachusetts governor is now a Democrat (Deval Patrick), Kennedy's health is failing and all of a sudden they want to do away with the 2004 law so that the governor can make an interim appointment. Kennedy is waxing eloquently about the Commonwealth's need to be fully represented in the United States Senate, which is a pretty ironic statement since I don't believe he has been present hardly at all during the current session.

    I can make this up folks :D


    Senator Edward M. Kennedy, in a poignant acknowledgment of his mortality amid a critical time in the national health care debate, has privately asked the governor and legislative leaders to change the succession law to guarantee that Massachusetts will not lack a Senate vote in the event of his death.
    In a personal, sometimes wi****l letter sent Tuesday to Governor Deval L. Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, and House Speaker Robert DeLeo, Kennedy asks that Patrick be given the authority to appoint someone to the seat temporarily while voters choose a new senator in a special election.
    While Kennedy, who is battling cancer, does not specifically mention his illness or the health reform debate raging in Washington, the implication from his letter is clear: He is trying to make sure that the leading cause of his life -- better health coverage for all -- advances in the event of his death.
    Kennedy said in his letter, which was obtained by the Globe, that he supports the current law, which gives voters the power to fill a Senate vacancy. But he said the state and country need two Massachusetts senators.
    "I strongly support that law and the principle that the people should elect their senator,” Kennedy wrote. ''I also believe it is vital for this Commonwealth to have two voices speaking for the needs of its citizens and two votes in the Senate during the approximately five months between a vacancy and an election.''

    Under a 2004 law, if Kennedy were to die or step down, Massachusetts voters would select his successor through a special election, to be held within five months after the vacancy. But the law makes no provisions for Massachusetts to be represented in the Senate in the interim. In the meantime, President Obama's controversial plan to overhaul the nation's health care system -- whose fate may hinge on one or two votes -- could come before Congress.
    "I am now writing to you about an issue that concerns me deeply -- the continuity of representation for Massachusetts should a vacancy occur," Kennedy wrote.
    Kennedy, in his letter, also urged the governor, in order to ensure a fair special election, to obtain an "explicit personal commitment" from his appointee not to seek the office on a permanent basis.
    Separately, a Kennedy family confidant, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the letter was private, said the senator's wife, Vicki Kennedy, is not interested in being a temporary appointee or running in a special election.
    “Her focus is her husband and her family,” the confidant said. “To her, there is only one Senator Kennedy."
    DeLeo and Murray, in a joint statement to the Globe, did not address the substance of Kennedy's request, saying, "We have great respect for the senator and what he continues to do for our Commonwealth and our nation. It is our hope that he will continue to be a voice for the people of Massachusetts as long as he is able."
    Patrick said in a statement: "It's typical of Ted Kennedy to be thinking ahead, and about the people of Massachusetts, when the rest of us are thinking about him. Diane and I continue to pray for the restoration of the Senator’s health and the comfort of his family."
    Kennedy advisers were adamant that the timing of the letter did not reflect any imminent emergency in the health of the senator, who has been battling brain cancer since May 2008. Rather, it was sent this week after the Globe began making inquiries to key Beacon Hill officials over murmurings that some politicians were pushing for a change in the law.
    Kennedy aides said the senator never liked the five-month vacancy that was created by the 2004 law, but his dislike took on new urgency not only because of his illness, but because Senate Democrats could need every vote possible on health care.
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    Rat will be here any minute to defend his murdering hero.
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    As many often point out - elections have consequences. State legislatures can write and rewrite laws as often as they are able to get them passed. And, as health care reform has been a signature issue throughout Kennedy's political career, this should only come as a shock to those unfamiliar with his stance on that issue.

    The old boy is just doing what he can to ensure a health care reform bill gets another Massachusetts 'aye' - regardless of his own condition. No surprise there.
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    Screw Ted Kennedy. Have fun in hell, *******!

    Wait a second; are they actually scared a Republican will win? I didn't even know there were any Republicans there besides Mitt Romney.
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    Humor me.

    Pretend there's an "R" in front of Ted Kennedy's name.

    Would that change your assessment here?
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    Let me clarify... in 2004 when Romney was governor, they were afraid that if Kerry won the Presidency and left the Senate, Romney would appoint a Republican as interim Senator, and that Republican might just win the general election as he would hold the power of incumbency. You cannot imagine how strong incumbency is in Massachusetts - I can't think of a single example in my life time of an incumbent Senator, Representative or Governor losing an election (or mayor of Boston for that matter). Which is why the legislature stripped Romeny of his authority to appoint an interim. Essentially they had no problem with having 1 Senator for about 6 months.

    But today there's no worries about a Republican winning, so they are going to restore the authority to the governor to appoint an interim fill in.

    Personally, I always believed that Kennedy's seat was going to go to Joseph Kennedy to keep it in the family. But now I am not so sure... Joseph Kennedy doesn't really seem all that interested in it... well, I've been making that prediction for about 15 years so I sure as heck ain't backing down now..!! :D :D
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    Hmmm? 'R. Ted Kennedy'...?

    Nope. Nothing happened.

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    Some times the World is a better place when some folks finally leave it.

    Just expire already, let the uber-libs do their horse-n-pony show about what an "icon" he was, and the rest of us will sit back and ignore his passing.

    The sooner this drunk drops dead the better. He's been taking up the good air and drinking up the good Scotch that a better person could be consuming for 70 years now.

    Everyone is someone's "family". Jeffery Dahmer was family to somebody. So is Charlie Manson. That doesn't get you a pass. There are over 3 million characters in prison in America. They're all "family" to someone or another. And they're all still a bunch of ***-whole criminals.

    Ted Kennedy is somones "family". But that's not bigger than the "murderer/drunken/idiot that he really is. Good riddance. Hopefully, he'll linger on in extensive pain an suffering for a couple/few years.
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    Aw - don't hold back, lewpac. Go ahead and tell us how you really feel.
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    Thank you, Saint Lew of Pac...

    It's hard to tell which regular in here is most eaten up by hatred, you or Artie... he makes me shake my head, but you, well, you just fill me with disgust... I have no words to express the utter contempt I feel for you after reading this shameful diatribe...

    And for the record, I'm no particular fan of Ted Kennedy... you wish pain and suffering on him, meanwhile my wish is that you finally choke on the bile that seems to fill you...
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    Your no better than him...pot.
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    Damn, beat me to it. :laugh2:
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    Is there anything to prevent them from arranging a special election now?
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    I have heard that when Senator Kennedy passes he will lay in state. As soon as they find a state large enough.

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    Thank you sir. I'll take this as a compliment and a badge of honer.........

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    Are you sure? Did you check all your parts?

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    He'd have to resign to get the ball rolling in that direction but it seems that the guy has absolutely no plans whatsoever of letting go of his Senate seats whilst he still draws breath.
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    And your coward ways dictate you shall hit and run.
    You did it already with a thread,now you drop my name as if you knew anything about me.
    Truth is Silver,I am here every day.
    Got beef?
    Come here and talk about it.
    Don't hit and run basketball guy...it reveals a yellow streak on your back like that skidmark on your undies...soon you will not be able to get rid of it.
    Man up...or ***** out.

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