Teddy Bridgewater completed 71% of his passes that went more than 6 to 15 yards

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, May 11, 2013.

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    In a study that was done by Fansided.com the top quarterback in next year’s draft is already impressing when you review his film. This is what Fansided in a report today that was titled Metrics Study of 2014 Draft Prospects.

    Teddy Bridgewater – Much has been and will be written about Teddy Bridgewater, but I have to note that his metrics from the past season are extremely impressive. Most QBs in this class averaged about 50-60% completion rate in the intermediate zone of 6-15 yards. Bridgewater threw 71% in this zone and had a better deep completion percentage than any QB in this past draft class. When you break down his incompletions, he threw into coverage less than any QB in the past draft class and flat out missed his receivers less as well. Nearly all of his metrics are impressive, at some point I’ll examine them in detail.

    That is a pretty amazing number, as it looks now, the Jaguars could be playing for the number 1 pick with all their needs.

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    I know I'm in the extreme minority, but I'm not crazy about Bridgewater. Not saying he can't be a pretty good NFL QB, but I don't see superstar top 5 pick in him. The schedule he faced last year was hardly impressive. I know a lot of QB's have come from some small schools, but I need to see a little more from Bridgewater before I deem him the next big thing.
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    Yeah you're crazy... I like everything from him.
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    Seems a little Geno Smith-esque.
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    I like Taj Boyd and Aaron Murray alot more than Bridgewater, who seems a little "gangly" to me.
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    Manziel >>>> Bridgewater
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    Maybe in college, but I'm not sure how well Manziel projects to the NFL.

    Manziel is smallish and has questionable arm strength. I realize that Russell Wilson is a short QB, but he has above average arm strength and played in more of a Pro Style offense in college.

    In terms of read-option type QBs, RGIII and Kaepernick are much bigger than Manziel.

    People are concerned about the beating that RGIII is going to take running the read-option at 6'2.5, 223. Manziel is 6', 200.
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    6 yards classifies as intermediate?
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    Is RG3 really that heavy? He looks pretty skinny to me while Manziel looks like he is put together much more sturdily. I agree with the height and arm strength issue. If you're going to get by that way you need great reads, anticipation, accuracy and touch.

    I will say this for Manziel. He has about as dominant a season offensively as the college game has ever seen, let alone seen from a freshman QB. The other thing that impressed me was how he led his team to a win against Alabama. Alabama's defense full of future NFLers still could not shut him down unlike virtually every other team they faced last year.

    It'll be interesting to see how they come off the board next year.
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    Bridgewater destroyed that Gator defense in the bowl game. Looks like the real deal to me. I'd be shocked if he didnt go 1 or 2 in the 2014 draft. Also he is tough as nails. That shot he took from Bostic in the bowl game was one of the hardest hits I saw all year.

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