Teddy Bridgewater Scouting Report

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    Prospect: Teddy Bridgewater (Jr.)
    Weight: 220
    Grade: 7.85 (Grading Scale)

    Scouting Report:
    +Nearly prototypical height and frame.
    +Plus change of direction skills, elusive in the open field.
    +Excellent speed for the position, should run in the high 4.5 range.
    +Tough player, has played injured – took some big hits and got right back into the mix.
    +Flexible – able to bend in the pocket and stay balanced.
    -Has had trouble keeping bulk on during the season – needs to keep his 220 pounds.

    Arm Talent / Throwing Motion
    +Natural throwing posture, powerful base.
    +Carries the ball high and tight to his chest.
    +Quiet shoulders the majority of the time, level throughout motion.
    +Make a short, tight circle – elbow leads the throw creating some good velocity.
    +Fluid arm motion, little to no tension present.
    +Accurate thrower, especially over the middle of the field.
    +Able to fit the ball in very small windows.
    +Leads receivers away from defenders on curls and other underneath routes.
    +Keeps solid throwing fundamentals while rolling out to both sides.
    +Shows good touch down the field, even when on the run.
    +Has a fastball, but is able to throttle down when needed.
    +Good ball placement on screen/smoke passes, gets the ball out on time.
    -Head gets a little unsteady at times when really trying to deliver a fastball.
    -Back shoulder drops on occasion, leading to sailed passes.


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