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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theranchsucks, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Here is $10 million. This is for strictly FA, don't worry about the draft. To create this money we restructured contracts and cut ties with Spears, Connors, Free. We also let Spencer, Jenkins, Jones, Ogletree walk.

    Show me how you would spend that money on your free agents to have this team ready for the draft.
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    can't even attempt this exercise without the draft imho.

    we simply can't fill all our holes for 10m. Especially if we created more holes by losing Spencer, Jenkins, Jones.

    not that i necessarily want fatty felix back or feel we can afford to pay Jenkins but they do create holes and more depth issues on a team that has been described already as devoid of it. i'd rather not add a free agent rb but i might have to if the draft doesn't present one to me. i wouldn't rely on udfa rbs or the returning kids who couldn't help last year.

    so i would keep my 10m for later in free agency when i did know what the draft brings. if nothing else guys will be cut june 2nd and on through training camp.

    we need 3-5m for the rookie class. So 10m really isn't much anyways.

    what i'd end up doing is tagging spencer; seeing how friendly we can work out a long term deal or offer him in trade. if i couldn't trade him or resign him i'd remove the tag later in in the off-season and then use the money to fill holes the draft left.
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    I said the $10 million is strictly for free agency. I want to know how you would spend the money to prepare us for the draft and see what holes still remain and then you could even go into detail about what position, possibly players you would look to draft.
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    I would try and extend Spencer (our own FA).

    But otherwise, I'd look to bring in a 1 quality OG, and move Bern to OC to compete against Costa. Also, I'd look to bring in a 3rd WR on the cheap and a rotational RB (perhaps Ivory from the Saints as they may not be able to keep him and their other 3 RBs).

    Since you're assuming we cut Connor, I would look to extend Sims and bring in 1 more OLB.

    I'd then be able to focus the Draft on more DL, Safety, and OL. In fact, I may go that way in the Draft. I would use Day 3 picks on adding a 3rd RB, a 3rd TE (with blocking skills to complement Witten and Hanna), and OLB.

    I think this team could really use an extra 3rd or 4th rounder for depth purposes - whether it's on the OL, LB, etc. I would see if I could engineer a trade down a few spots in Round 1, unless someone I really liked fell, and pick up that extra draft pick.
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    There are many Free Agents that could contribute. Byrd, Levitre, etc.. are not the only Free Agents that could help the Cowboys.

    I would definitely sign Brandon Moore OG (Jets).

    If not Franchised, Henry Melton. Give him the same contract as Carr which had a 3.6M 1st year cap hit.

    I would consider signing some of the following:

    Ernie Sims

    Israel Idonije SDE
    Amobi Okoye DT
    Nick Roach SLB

    Alan Branch DT

    Consider a pass-rushing specialist at DE like Dwight Freeney. He would play in the Nickle at SDE and backup Ware at WDE. Maybe 1-year 4M.

    Some type of mid-level Safety.
    George Wilson
    Louis Delmas
    Pat Chung
    Kenny Phillips
    Ronde Barber

    Competition/backup OT: There are many Free Agent OTs this year.
    Maybe one of:
    Khalif Barnes
    Will Svitek
    Ryan Harris

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