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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Nov 6, 2006.

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    And try to support your argument with facts.

    1. This team is NOT going to the playoffs and doesn't deserve it. I don't care what you say about the Redskins, being on the road, divisional game, etc, we needed this game as badly as they wanted it. We weathered the initial storm and then had every opportunity to blow it open. Except for one run by Portis on which Ellis was out of position for the 2nd time and Henry got treated like a female dog by Brandon Lloyd, they had no running game and no Moss. Now we'd have to not only beat Arizona, Detroit,TB, and Philly (the losers)but we'd also have to win 2 of 4 from Indy, NY, NO, and Atlanta (playoff caliber teams). Impossible? no, but we couldn't beat Washington...get serious.

    2. Our defense is way way over-rated...don't give me stats...I've said all year that our defense can't stop anyone...I was happy with the goal line stand in the first quarter, but let's not forget that we let them drive 80 yards down the field with no running game. We had many opportunities with them backed up at their 20 or inside the 30 all game, and we never got a 3 and out...we let them drive the ball just about every time. This defense is not even helping win games, much less taking over.

    3. Demarcus Ware is not a good pass rusher...period. Get up his butt and praise him all you want, but we should use him in coverage because he's not very good at getting pressure. If he totally beats his man 1-1, then yes, he can get any QB, but let him get blocked and he has nothing left. The only time he did anything yesterday was when they dared to try and block him with a TE...Their tackles owned him all game, especially when it counted.

    We still cannot pressure the QB...not only did Brunnell have all day to stand back there, but his line also created huge passing push up the middle at was sad. Notice I didn't say Ware isn't a great LB...he is, but anyone who actually thinks he's going to be a great pass rusher is just not actually watching.

    4. Our secondary is not very good in cover two...big surprise...the skins receivers were open over the middle all game long, guess who has the middle...Lb's and safeties...safeties playing deep...ouch.

    5. Roy Williams is what he is...a great safety who is not so great at pass coverage...once again, he is back there, but he takes a bad angle, misjudging the WR and the ball...INT. He's improved in coverage...he's no Archelletta, but it's his biggest weakness...that's a argue otherwise is to ignore game results that occur time and time again.

    The redskins exposed us deep again....all teams need to go deep on us...they will either get a nice play because our CBs don't see the ball, or they'll get a's rare for us to intercept a pass...Henry had two in the endzone and dropped them both, one resulting in a TD. Roy let one bounce off his head, through his hands.

    6. Two point conversion in first quarter...stupid, regardless of what the cheat sheet says....period...too many various scoring factors for the next 3 quarters than can change the point spread in many different ways.

    7. Penalties....close to 200 yards in penalties....ridiculous, mostly by the defense. There's no blaming this one on the refs since replay after replay showed we were getting away with holding on offense again and again, not to mention they were calling offensive interference on the Skins, usually a sure sign that there's no favor.

    8. T.O.....still dropping passes....still selfishly getting camera time and a 15 yard penalty....then yammering back at Parcells who wasn't happy....he knew we'd get that 15's written in can't go to the ground.... with a kicker who can't get it past the 10....just selfish....we were lucky the Skins screwed it up....catching the kickoff at the 30, they should have been at midfield or around our 40. A great player? he earning his 10 million...nope...a 10 million dollar receiver doesn't drop a TD in a tight game....period.

    9. We have two tough hardrunning backs who will be around for a have to like them both yesterday and wonder why they weren't used a little more on the road....especially the short passes to Barber.

    10. I know when to admit I'm wrong....two games in, there's no doubt about it...two different schemes bringing pressure, yesterday huge pressure on 3rd downs....We have us a QB, Boys. The Carolina game seemed to prove it....The Skins game nailed it down for me....big 3rd down plays again and again, under pressure....even the moxie to keep the ball and look like he's running before a last second pass to Barber that gave Barber the angle on the defender to run for a first down....the huge completion to Witten to get the win (oh yeah...someone blew an assignment and let it get blocked from the side). WE have a QB.

    11. This season is basically over as far as any playoff hopes go...but we found a QB...we improved the OL and can do more next year....we still need to add some youth to the WR mix.

    12. We also learned that T.O. is good, but can't be counted on as a sure thing.

    13. It's too early to judge this past year's draft class, but right now it doesn't look good...the first day looks very very bad.

    Pick your numbers, and tell me I'm wrong.

    *** I'm guessing we need to come up with some different defensive schemes for getting pressure and for playing pass coverage...whatever we're doing just doesn't seem to work against the NFC East opponents....If our defense could have gotten an occasional stop when the Skins were backed up, it would have helped our offense to have a short field.

    The Skins made some huge errors, dropping passes, fumbling in our territory, botching the kr at their 30, blowing a sure punt downing at our 1 yard line...they tried their best to give it to us....but we aren't a team ready to take it....for the past two years, whenever our playoff lives seem on the line, we lose.
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    On the nosey.
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    The only one that I'd take issue with is 11. And that's only because there's so much mediocrity in the NFC. But in terms of going anywhere significant? Yeah.
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    TO is basically a merc---a mercenary.............totally selfish as pointed out above, He is good at what he does, but really still wants to do it outside the team sphere....

    on the good side-----If this is Romo's starting point: what is the completed project gonna look like. You know there are coaches down deep thinking about being able to captain this ship....a tweek here and there, another strong draft.....
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    2, 4, 9, 10, and 12 I can agree with. The rest well I dont need to prove you wrong its all a matter of opinion.
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    I was thinking the same thing but our record within our division is going to kill us.
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    Yeah wish I could say I disagreed with anything you said but I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
    The coaching staff needs an enema, probably starting at the top.
    I know we tend to overrate our own players but the fact is that I saw every player we drafted play in college and they were GREAT! I have to think the problem lies in the coaching staff.
    The only reason I'll watch the rest of our games is Tony Romo. Only reason.
    I hate this team and the way they have no heart or nuts.
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    I couldn't agree more.
  9. Clove

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    Everything you said is dead on. I agree 100%
  10. peacockaja

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    Good post. I have to agree with just about everything you said.
  11. ConcordCowboy

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    I love reading posts like this...Good one Wayne.

    Can't really disagree with anything you said.
  12. Crown Royal

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    Everything here is pretty correct. The only thing I disagree with is number 6 - I'm the only person who thinks that going for it was the right idea. At the time you have the ability to put yourself up by 3 - no way to know that the game will end up that way. The only thing I disagree with on the 2-pointer is the play call. Why call a 5 WR set and limit your (very, very good) QB to only 2 players? Let them blitz - he'll just burn them for it. The roll out was about the worst call that could have been made there.
  13. lspain1

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    Number 7. A classic for teams without focus. We start poorly every week and end poorly. No resolve.
  14. Chuck 54

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    Wow...just saw this article...I'm sure you guys have probably already discussed it...I jumped up after we lost and had to drive my son back to college.

    LANDOVER, Md. -- As Mike Vanderjagt lined up for a chip-shot field goal, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten could hardly contain his glee. He had just caught a 28-yard pass to set up a 35-yard, game-winning attempt by Vanderjagt on the final play.
    Vanderjagt was 66-of-72 in his career from 30-39 yards, so Troy Vincent, who was lined up across from Witten, wasn't arguing.
    "It was over," Vincent agreed. "They're in field-goal range, and they have a pretty good kicker."
    But a strange thing happened on the Cowboys' road to victory: A game that began with a safety ended with a thud. Witten blocked out on Carlos Rogers, allowing Vincent to go inside untouched, according to Vincent.
    Vincent, a 15-year veteran who signed with the Redskins less than three weeks ago, made the first field-goal block of his NFL career.
    "I hadn't even played on special teams since the late 1990s," Vincent said.
    It was just the Cowboys' luck. typical of us...we have a off-season would be used to find another WR, some more help on the OL, another CB, more help at LB, and a new coaching staff...I really think Parcells retires....he has his moments, but like his team, is inconsistent.

    We have to find a way to get pressure on the QB.
  15. Chuck 54

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    Wow...I really expected to catch some crap for #3...especially from all the guys who have defended him in the Merriman debates.

    I think he's going to be a great LB, but he may need to move to the Ellis position next year and find someone else who can actually pass rush.
  16. ConcordCowboy

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    This is why I love and Hate football all at the same time:shootme: ...Witten from hero to goat in one play.
  17. kingwhicker

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    Excellent post. Very sobering, but it is what it is.
  18. jay cee

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    Great post Wayne

    I think they can still make the playoffs, but even if they do, it looks like a 1st rd knockout again.

    I agree that Ware is not a great pass rusher, but I don't think the Cowboys coaching staff help very much with their schemes. IMO, they should try more stunts or twists with their front 7 to give the opponents something to think about.
  19. Crown Royal

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    Great pass rushers beat tackles - period. Now, not to get in a Meriman debate - but his sacks aren't necessarily from beating tackles either. Ware has no other pass rushers to help him out other than Ellis - and it is too easy to block two bookends, and we seldom rush both. I think a bgger problem is that we have vastly overrated our 3-4 ends. Sacks aren't their job, but if anyone thinks that it isn't their job to at least disrupt the line and the backfield, they are sorely mistaken.

    My issue with Ware and our passrush is lack of technique. I am convinced that we should make a defensive coaching change - to both the line, lb and coordinator portions. The fact that ware uses two techniques is very telling.
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    You did a great job on all 13!

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