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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Apr 4, 2012.

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    ...I readily admit that I don't have the time or knowledge to go 135 players deep in my draft preparation and simply try to focus on the top 3 rounds and top 100 players, but the teams that do damage in this league are the teams that accomplish way more than simply picking their top 2 players and then start grabbing names out of a hat. This should be treated as a very exact science and the best personnel departments run laps around those that don't deal with deep picks well. I hesitate to make too much of that, because this Cowboys team has much to prove when it comes to finding diamonds in the rough since Bill Parcells left town. Not to say that Romo, Austin, and Ratliff were his idea – they undoubtedly were not his specifically. But, given that those players and DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten were all part of an era that ended in 2006 (a lifetime ago in the NFL), we can see that the Cowboys have too many holes and a real need to not get 2 or 3 useful players from this draft, but rather a half-dozen. The best players since Parcells left on the Cowboys roster: Sean Lee, Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, Doug Free, Anthony Spencer, Mike Jenkins, DeMarco Murray, and Felix Jones are all players that would be considered top picks with the exception of Free who was a 4th rounder and Murray a 3rd. But, beyond that, late picks that have hit might just be Scandrick and perhaps Sean Lissemore. Useful, but hardly Ratliff/Romo/Austin types.
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    In Garrett's first year getting his type of players, the 3rd day produced D Harris and Nagy of note.

    I'm not sure how these two guys will turn out, but I think Nagy could at least be a quality reserve.

    But if B Carter is what we all hope he can be, the first three picks of last year's draft could be a homerun.

    Even so, we may have gotten the best RB in the draft in Round 3 and I think we may have gotten the best OT in that draft as well.

    It's still too early to tell, of course.

    But overall, I think we did pretty well.

    I did think/hoped that Chapas would have stuck on the 53 man roster, however, after we drafted him. As well as the CB we drafted. Hopefully this year Rounds 4-7 will be more productive.

    I'll bet Garrett is doing whatever he can to "fine tune" the draft process. :)
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    But Parcells missed on a BUNCH of late round guys too. The draft is what it is, a crapshoot. You do your best to put the odds in your favor, but it is far from an exact science.
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    In 2005, Parcells got Barber, Canty and Ratliff after round 3. The other 3 years, he didn't get squat in the last four rounds. He did get some good free agents, but people have to stop acting like Parcells did such a great job of drafting while he was here. 2005 was great. 2003 was very good. 2004 and 2006 were awful.
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    No head coach is responsible or guilty for making good or bad late round picks or UDFA signings. Either they have a scouting department good enough to tell them who to draft or they're just guessing. They simply don't have the time to do all the legwork. Hell, Jason admitted he's going to only one pro day this year. You think he has a clue about the people we might draft in the 7th round? Not a clue. Players play. Coaches coach. And scouts scout.
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    Parcells didn't want to draft Ware... He wanted to take Spears, whom we got with our second 1st... Ware is 100% a Jerry pick.
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    It's always struck me funny how Jerry/Cowboys scouting department and Parcells supposedly altnernated years in who got control of first round picks. I guess Ware was Jerry's year to pick. Carpenter was Bill's. Or maybe they flipped coins. At least that's what revisionist history would lead you to believe.

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