Tens of thousands of Iraqis may come to U.S. in '09

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    The United States expects to admit a minimum of 17,000 Iraqi refugees in fiscal 2009, which begins October 1, the department's senior coordinator for refugees said. Thousands more Iraqis and their family members could arrive through a special visa program for people who worked for the United States or its contractors.

    "I think you'll see the U.S. government admitting over the course of fiscal 2009 tens of thousands of Iraqis into the United States," coordinator James Foley told reporters.

    Up to 3,000 could come from Baghdad, where the United States began interviews this year, he said.

    So far this year, 12,118 Iraqi refugees have arrived and 1,000 more are booked to travel to the United States by the end of this month, when the U.S. fiscal year ends, he said.

    That marks a huge leap from just 1,600 Iraqis admitted in the previous year. That number drew widespread criticism from refugee groups that said Washington should do more to help millions of Iraqis who have fled instability and violence since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.

    The number is still lower than what some other countries have taken. Sweden, a country of 9 million people, has admitted over 40,000 Iraqis since 2003.

    The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees estimates 2 million Iraqis are living abroad, mostly in neighboring Jordan and Syria. Some 2.5 million are internally displaced.

    One refugee advocacy group, Human Rights First, said it welcomed the news Washington had met its target for Iraqi arrivals in 2008 but that the "low" goal of resettling 17,000 refugees in fiscal 2009 should be raised to at least 30,000.

    "The number of Iraqi refugees we have welcomed to our shores is still just a fraction of those in need," said Amelia Templeton of the New York-based group. She said the U.N. refugee agency estimated that 85,000 Iraqi refugees from the most vulnerable groups would need resettlement next year.

    Foley called on the government of oil-rich Iraq to do more to help Iraqi refugees abroad as well as plan for returning Iraqis by addressing their needs for security, social services and property compensation.

    So far, he said, Iraq had spent only about $25 million to help its refugees abroad, and provided about $200 million for an initiative to help returning refugees. The latter amount was "rather small," considering the number of Iraqi refugees and the improving security situation inside Iraq, Foley said.

    "One cannot rule out in these situations the possibility that the refugees in large numbers themselves will decide it's time to go back, but will the Iraqi government be ready for that? That's what we have to prepare for I think," Foley said.

    The United States spent over $318 million in humanitarian aid for Iraqi refugees this year, Foley said. Washington sought support from other donors, "particularly in the region, not to mention, the government of Iraq itself."

    Foley said he was grateful that Syria, a country with which the United States has strained relations, had agreed to a new facility for refugee processing, which would enable Washington to handle larger numbers of refugees

    wow I had no idea this was going on, Im very against this for reasons Im not going to share. I support the war and all of our troops that are busting their butts, keeping us safe but I wish we would take care of ourselves instead of letting everyone in. I mean whats the difference between them and the Mexicans. Atleast most of them work and while some might get food stamps and health care, were not just handing them money to come to our country for free.. One reason I moved back to west tx was because while in Houston I couldnt walk into a hotel or a gas station with out someone of Middle eastern decent eyeballing me.
    Im not a racist I promise but you have to draw the line somewhere.
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    I'm lost, why were they eyeballing you?
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    Wow...so I don't know what to say. Borderline racist or all the way?
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    Legal immigration is what we want ...... this is good news.
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    Im not a racist and maybe my crime was not reading the whole article. Which is why I usually steer clear of these topics but I just feel as though we should take care of our own, not bring more people over and have to give them money over a period of time and take care of them. Im not a racist at the least bit. Just have different views on the matter. You have yours I have mine, but my views do not make me a racist.
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    some of these people were interpreter's and others who really helped the US over there. Many others victims. These are political refugees. The US hasn't exactly been helpful to them in the past in helping them emigrate, I'm glad they are doing more now.

    I'm one of those people the US allowed to come to the US and gave me and my family money for food, health care, and schooling. So, I guess I'm bias in cheering this on.
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    Good point. In the past we have not always been the best of taking care of those that have helped us.

    It is nice to see they are getting rewarded, in a way, for helping us and as others have pointed out, this is a situation where they are coming here legally and we will have paper work on them.

    This is not a case of coming across the border illegally with not paper work or ways for us to track them.

    I see no problem with them coming over or the US offering them the chance to come over.
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    Agreed, but to get a bit technical here...

    It's not jsut "Mexicans". Just cuz they're connected to our southern border doesn't mean it's only mexicans coming across. "South Amercians" would be a better description. My buddy is in the border patrol here ( I live on the border) and he tells me they catch a CRAP LOAD of non-mexicans crossing the border.

    ANother BP friend of mine once caught 2 egyptian terrorists. Yes, you read that correctly. He told me they cross often at different points across the border (from texas to Cali) just testing for "weak" spots to come across.
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    You know something I find ironic. Mexico is very hard against those from other countries trying to cross illegally into mexico.
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    "Ironic" isn't the word I'd use. Hypocritical is more like it, since the Mexican president criticizes us for our "strict" (not strict enough IMO) immigration laws, yet they are 100X more strict than we are. Which, actually, is a bit helpful for us cuz most of the people trying to get into mexico are just wanting to pass through so they can get into the US illegally.
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    I wonder if he is mad because they are taking jobs and causing other problems in his country, or mad because they are only passing through and not putting money into his country. :laugh2: You would think they would love that old nafta free trade stuff.:laugh2:

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