Terrance Williams is going to go off

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Sep 28, 2013.

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  2. TheRomoSexual

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    "Fans" like you are so sad.
  3. The Natural

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    Not as sad as this team has been the last 17 years
  4. Chappy

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    Wiiliams will be going off all right.

    Right off the ******* field. Useless he is and has cost us this game today.
  5. Carharris2

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    Good meaning no way at all.
  6. iRepDatStar

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    lol dont we love to jinx ourselves
  7. TheRomoSexual

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    Yes, you seem very intelligent.
  8. TheCoolFan

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    Keenan Allen is better. Should have drafted him instead
  9. Szczepanik

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    One of the typical dallas plays flat games..
  10. Chappy

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    You are the one that started with the insults saying i was clueless. How about discrediting arguments on why you think he is so good instead of pissing on anyone who does not agree with you.

    What are you 13 years old??
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  11. Tenkamenin

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    Really unfortunate how the game ended, had we scored I doubt the defense stops Rivers. Nonetheless, Williams is good talent with the skill set to be a solid contributor but this year he's going to be a liability.

    I hope Harris feels better next week and Takes the 2 spot if Austin is a no go.
  12. Doomsday

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    I thought he played well other than the fumble. Just stuff that happens when you throw rookies to the fire.

    This one is on the defense regardless.
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  13. kevm3

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    Not ONE toss to Bryant... we go to the rookie in crunch time. I don't blame Williams. This is on Garrett and Romo. I have no idea why they keep trying to feature this guy and he's in his first year.
  14. dupree89

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    probably gonna be good..but a liability so far. In 4 games, he has made 2 costly mistakes in the red zone. I hope he takes a lot of heat in the press this week. He has earned it.
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  15. sacase

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    Umm no, Offense scored 14 points in one quarter....that's it
  16. dupree89

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    Because thats Jason Garrett's way. Lets get everyone involved. Its the same way after a WR or TE or RB makes a play. Too often he is on the sideline the next play as the genius and his staff want to spread the ball around. How about playing the best guys at each skill position until they puke? Jason and the friends want to show how brilliant they are. They can;t just line up with their best guys and play football. Its a constant shuffle. They think it makes them innovative.
  17. CT Dal Fan

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    Offense didn't have the ball in the third quarter. Chargers first-downed Kiffin's defense to death.
  18. cannonball44

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    Our defense scored a third of our points. We were shut out in the second half... i dont even wanna look at the T.O.P for the second half...
  19. Jerryrage

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    I thought the same thing, this offense isn't built around one person. It's a spread system. You can't blame Williams for the system he is in, however that doesn't mean I'm defending the guy.
  20. frickster

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    Instead of throwing to Wiliams who hasn't shown any ability after the catch why not throw to Harris?

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