Terrance Williams needs to grow

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Galian Beast

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    Terrance Williams' growth will tell us a lot about our offense in 2014.

    He seemed to produce really well in the beginning of the year, but quickly hit that rookie wall.

    In the first 8 games he had 444 yards receiving on 26 receptions, and 4 touchdowns. In the last 8 games he had 292 yards receiving on only 18 receptions with 1 touchdown.

    The more he grows the more things will reopen for the other receivers on our team.

    Not only will he receive more reps and opportunities if/when we cut Miles Austin, but the extra year should pay dividends for him. There were so many times he was just off with Romo, if he can cover that distance for next year, I'd expect big things from him.
  2. CowboysFaninDC

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    defenses also started to focus on stopping him, so that explains some of it. did Dez' stat go up as a result? in the beginning of the year, teams focused on stopping dez and daring cowboys to beat them with Williams and others. I am sure he will grow. he showed a lot during the season and did good for a WRs in his first year. the learning curve for most WRs in the NFL is 3 years.
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  3. Zimmy Lives

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    Mo Claiborne needs to grow more than Williams. This defense can be much better if he turns into a playmaker at CB.
  4. dexternjack

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    TW is nothing more than an average WR at this point. He has room to grow and he should. I don't see him having that explosiveness like some of the top ones but he is satisfactory. He does need to stop using his body to catch passes, that will be his stumbling block if he continues that.

    If Dez were to go down, is TWill good enough to take up the slack? No, we still need another deep threat on the roster. I liked the way he continued to battle throughout the season but he has to get better and not stay middle of the road for years.
  5. RXP

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    Terrence Williams was a rookie. Wide receiver is probably the toughest position to transition from college. It's like learning to play chess after mastering checkers.

    He'll be fine.
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  6. yentl911

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    For a rookie TW played as well as you could expect. WR is tough to adjust to in the NFL and I can only see him proving. He is smooth, good speed, decent hands.

    I don't want to see him returning kicks any more I know that. I never understood that. He looked timid and very uncomfortable.
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  7. Galian Beast

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    Dez's 2nd half of the season numbers were significantly worse than the 1st half of the season.

    1st half - 641 yards, 14.2 yards per catch, 8 touchdowns

    2nd half - 592 yards, 12.3 yards per catch, 5 touchdowns.
  8. RXP

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    After QB, of course.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    And you can't forget some of his drop in production in the middle of the year was on the coaching staff. Miles got healthy enough to play and that took away a lot of TW's snaps.

    But it's normal for rookies to have ups and downs. At least he had some ups, unlike some recent rookies. If we're talking about rookies who "need" to grow, how about Escobar?
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  10. Afigueroa22

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    not lately.
  11. JPostSam

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    dude's 6'2".

    how much more do you want him to grow?

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  12. 50cent

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    All I needed to see was his response after the SD game. He was made scape goat for an offense that mismanaged the run game and he didn't sulk. The kid responded and even began to improve his hands. I even think that he body catches too often but if used properly Williams can thrive as a #2 in the NFL. Even if Dez were hurt, Williams can still be effective with an offseason of training because he's big and fast. He might not be Dez, few are, but why does every WR have to be DEZ-LIKE? I just saw Russell Wilson throw to 5 WRs that I've never heard of and got the job done. How about our $100M QB raise the level of play of his tools and make them a better player than what they really are?

    Raise your hand if you'd be happy with Doug Baldwin & Kearse & Tate & whoever else we've never heard of at WR FOR THEM! Bout the only WR most of y'all would want from them is a healthy Harvin. I'll take a 2nd year WR that showed flashes and didn't get down on himself for any of his mistakes. He just kept growing and I expect him to continue to grow. Go away Miles, you're officially a progress-stopper to a kid that wants it!
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  13. CyberB0b

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    He, along with his coach, need to improve on their knowledge of situational football.
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  14. big dog cowboy

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    Not worried about TWill. Much bigger fish to fry. Much bigger.
  15. kevm3

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    I was mad at the coaching staff for trying to 'feature him' so much early on, but he eventually started showing flashes of brilliance. The guy has the potential to be a very nice receiver.
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  16. morasp

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    I actually thought he was the guy Romo looked for when the pocket broke down. Kind of like Randall Cobb and Aaron rogers. There were a number of times they had big completions when Romo was scrambling.
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  17. BigStar

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    I agree for the most part Dex but some of those sideline catches shows he has the "potential" or hands to use if he can drop that bad habit. His speed is good (not DJax speed) but Romo's back limited deep shots in 13. His height/speed combination makes him a reasonable threat for a D once he gets the body catching coached out of him. I really think he just wore down as the season went on and would agree that "special" label didn't ring loud when he made plays (outside of a couple of the sideline catches). It wouldn't be a terrible idea to add a cheap legitimate 3rd option if Dez were to go down bc Harris/Beasley aren't legitimate starting WRs. I think Dez/TWill could prove to be a an adequate threat with Dez getting the majority of the looks.
  18. mldardy

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    LOL at an average WR. He was a ROOKIE who had over 700 yards and this while not even being a major part of the offense until a few games into the season. Were you expecting a 1000 yard season?:rolleyes:
  19. Risen Star

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    If you can be an average receiver your rookie year in the NFL, you've got a bright future.
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  20. Denim Chicken

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    No, Cole Beasley needs to grow.

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