Terrible offensive game plan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Jan 1, 2013.

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    That's pretty much obvious given all the double A gap blitzing they were doing. Ideally you have Austin working the slot and Witten working the seam, but Austin was taken out of the game early and Witten was having his lunch eaten by an equally smart London Fletcher in coverage.

    We got get to an athletic move tight end more involved in the offense next year (ie Hannah), and finally Garrett has to move on from his Ogletree love affair and bring in/develop non intellectually challenged WRs who can play multiple WR positions and who consistently knows his hot reads.
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    ...Fletcher had an amazing game yesterday along with the rest of the Skins defence.

    Ogletree and Harris had chances to step up, but they didn't.

    We need to let Ogletree go. He can't play STs particularly well and he can't be trusted to be where he is suppose to be.

    With a porous o-line Ogletree is a liability.
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    Talked with my dad about the game the day after. He is not a Cowboys fan, but not a hater either. I bet he doesn't even know Garrett's name, so there is no agenda. His take, "What was up with the play calling? The guy can't call some screen passes to slow up the blitz?"
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    I hate when we have short yardage and he bunches the offensive line up and goes two TE's, full backfield.

    That just makes it that much harder to gain the short yardage, especially with the monster sized players in today's NFL.

    We don't have the OL studs to do this.

    We need to spread the Defense out and hope to find a crease.

    But no, we cram it all up in the middle and run into a brick wall. Sometimes Murray bounces it out a little and finds something with second effort, but most times we get stuffed.
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    ...a short yardage option. It's Cole Beasley, but something happened to him and we rarely saw him again after he got dinged up.
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    I would always rather run in short yardage situations, .. just spread it out first a little bit, ... and don't have the QB turn and walk back 5 yards before handing it to the RB, who now has to get 6 yards to get the first down instead of 1.

    That drives me crazy !!

    In short yardage, the QB should just hand the ball to the RB as he runs by the QB going full speed, hitting the hole going full blast.
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    This is correct. Miles catching slants from the slot is a good high percentage way to beat a blitz. Throwing go routes off of the back foot is a very low percentage way to try to win. The Redskins had the equivalent of Danny MrCray's at safety and we did nothing to attack them.
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    ...Emperor's show with Couchscout and I posed this question.

    Missing in Garrett's arsenal is a reliable run game.

    The Cowboys don't have to run for 300 yards to win the game. The Skins do with their rookie QB.

    But the Cowboys with a balanced running attack and Romo with time and 8 men in the box could punish any NFL defence.

    If the Cowboys could roll out a consistent 125 yard rushing game I think the season and this past game would have been much different.
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    Being serious, besides the Giants game, how many games did we have a double digit lead? I think the Ravens but we gave that up quickly.

    Garrett never has this team prepared at all. We are usually always flat in the 1st half and seemed to play the best at the end of the game when we are in a hurry up and Romo is calling the plays. Garrett is a horrible playcaller.
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    For those who have the ability to see the all-22 footage, this is not an isolated incident.
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    That one was not a traditional bubble screen as we tried to carry out some kind of fake first. I'm not sure why ... but the Redskins were certainly all over it.

    Defenses certainly know the tricks to beating the blitz, but the reason they work is because the blitz by nature is susceptible to them. They are not going to work every time, but they will work better than sticking to a plan that includes your line picking up the blitz so that you can wait for routes to develop downfield.
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    Yes. I still don't understand why we ran it the way that we did instead of as a traditional bubble screen where the QB immediately fires the pass to the receiver instead of faking it first, which gave the DE time to get upfield.

    We run one screen and we choose to run it abnormally. Go figure.
  13. gimmesix

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    My greatest hope for this offseason, above who we bring in, etc., is that Garrett does give up the play-calling duties. Even with the poor offensive lines we've had, this team should be scoring more points with Romo, Witten, Bryant, Austin and even Murray at the skill positions.

    I'm not against Garrett as a head coach, but I've only seen a few games where I thought he did an excellent job as a coordinator, and I've seen plenty where I've been jealous of the coordinator of the opposing offense and the way he did things to actually set up mismatches and get receivers open, etc.

    I think this team can win with that as the primary change (along with better health).
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    Garrett's version of the offense is very similar to Cam Cameron's. Outdated and stale. All passes are to the sidelines, ignoring the middle of the field. This offensive system got Cam fired mid year in Baltimore. They saw how stale his offense was. Norv runs similar system, and he had a horrible year and is unemployed.

    This timing system requires good pass protection so the quarterback can get the ball out on time. A good running game is also necessary.

    We don't have a good OL, which damns the running game and the passing game. Garrett, no matter what continues to run the same offense no matter what, he makes no adjustments. Defensive Coordinators know how to play this offense, and have little trouble with stopping it. This offense needs to go the way of the Flex and 46 defenses.

    This past season, there were only four teams running this style of offense, the Cowboys, Chargers, Ravens and Lions. The Ravens fired Cam, ours was doomed by the OL, and so was Norv's and the Lions played well, but didn't have many wins to show for it.

    A change in philosophy is needed here, but Garret is too stubborn and egotistical to allow that change.
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    You are all wrong. You don't see what is being built. I do.

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