News: Terry Glenn out 2-3 weeks *Merged Update*

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Murph80, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. CrazyCowboy

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    That STINKS!
  2. Scotman

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    I guess I should be more distressed than I am. But my feeling is this; if we are truly going to be a playoff and Superbowl caliber team, we will have to overcome many things this year. The best teams have guys step up. The best teams have 2nd and 3rd string guys that are pleasant surprises.

    We haven't had that for a long time because of a total lack of depth and a lack of coaches that can bring lower draft picks along.

    But, we have great depth at WR. I really like Crayton. I'm glad for him to get a legitimate shot. If we truly have depth, we'll be talking really positively come Monday morning about one of the young WR and the job the coaches have done.

    If we can't overcome this loss, it's going to be a long year. My bet is that we can and will.

    Can't wait for Sunday.
  3. Murph80

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    The Cowboys website is also reporting.
  4. DCBoysfan

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    I'm not going to look for Glenn or Newman Sun. hopefully the other players will rise to the primetime lights..
  5. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man this isn't good for a 33-year old WR... Glenn is a big part of the passing offense! :bang2:
  6. vicjagger

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    FWIW, I just read on another board that ESPN is reporting he's done for the year.
  7. AsthmaField

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    It says two weeks. Lets let the dust settle and see.

    I bet it's just two to three weeks is all.
  8. AsthmaField

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    I definately don't trust ESPN. I'll go with DCC.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    I would definitely look into trading for Chris Chambers he would be a great number 2 WR next to T.O.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    That's what I think probably happened, too.

    What did Parcells say about injuries? You can get so many that there's no recourse.

    Thank Gawd for that extra #1 we have next year.
  11. Smith22

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    Hasn't done much lately, then again, he didn't get a lot of help.
  12. Idgit

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  13. Dcz84

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    They had 8 freckin month's, and they did'nt know it was this bad? Someone dropped the ball big time. This should of been takin care of a long time ago.Really this just doe'nt happen with all the tech we have today just unbelievable.
  14. Sarge

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    Uh - ya that is correct - isn't that what anyone is doing at this point on this subject? You're a genius.
  15. Dwyane Wade

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    I didnt see anything on about Glenn being out for teh year...And i'm starting to get concerned, after that first preseason game i was SOO EXCITED, but now the injuries have overtaken my excitement and have got me concern, this could effect our whole season with ellis, newman, and now glenn...
  16. Dwyane Wade

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    Crayton is good, but I like him as a 3rd WR, i think ti benefits him, lets see how he'll do sunday
  17. GlitzCowboy

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    He has a "Degenerative" knee condition, too. Yall remember that, right? Reported last season?

    I am waiting for something to click here..

    He had $5 million reasons to make everyone forget about this diagnosed condition.

    Anything yet?

    Parcells, the only coach who has ever been able to hold Glenn at bay, is gone? $5 million sitting in Jerry's checkbook....

    Oh crud, forget it. So what do you people think Parcells' gameplan will be this weekend? I'm thinking in his 5th year he should beable to take us to the big dance. Possibly going to over use Terry Glenn a little too much, but with the Tuna that is expectable. I kinda wish Bill would have called it quits though, I was really looking forward to someone like that Wade Phillips from SD to take over. I think his 34 coaching scheme would have been gold for our players here. Ah well, another year of Terry and Bill I guess. What's a Cowpoke to do? :)
  18. JonJon

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    I dunno. It was 2 weeks well over a month ago.

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