Texans rookie RB Foreman arrested on drug, weapon charges

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    Houston Texans running back D’Onta Foreman is not heading into his first NFL training camp on a great note.

    According to Brian Davis of the Austin American-Statesman, Foreman was arrested early Sunday morning on charges of marijuana possession and unlawful carrying of a weapon. Foreman, a former Longhorn, was booked by the University of Texas police department.

    “(The officers) responded to a report of the smell of marijuana coming from three occupied vehicles near the southwest side of San Jacinto residence hall on campus,” the statement read. “Officers arrived on the scene discovered marijuana in each vehicle and also discovered a firearm in one of them.

    “The owner of the firearm, D’Onta Foreman, was arrested for Unlawful Carrying of Weapons and Possession of Marijuana and booked into Travis County Jail. Six other male suspects were cited and released for Possession of Marijuana. None of them are UT students and they are not believed to have UT affiliations.”

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    I wonder what Roger Goodell thinks of this?
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    So he did not have weed on him and the gun was legally registered and secured in the vehicle. What is the problem?

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