Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel is the quarterback of the future

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Nov 12, 2012.

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    "Johnny Football" is the wave of the future at the quarterback position.

    Traditional NFL enthusiasts might cringe at the notion of a spread-option quarterback taking over the league, but that development seems inevitable when you look at the college football being played on Saturdays. Texas A&M signal-caller Johnny Manziel is one of several dual-threat playmakers (including Ohio State's Braxton Miller, Kansas State's Collin Klein and Oregon's Marcus Mariota) who torment opponents with their versatility. Creative offensive coordinators are finding ways to maximize these players' considerable talents by giving them multiple run-pass options on every play, exploiting the vulnerable areas of opposing defenses. When coupled with a quick tempo and a wide variety of formations, the multitude of options allows the quarterback to operate like a point guard running a fast break in basketball.

    I watched Texas A&M's surprising win over Alabama, and there isn't a better point guard in college football than Manziel. The 6-foot-1, 200-pound red-shirt freshman was magical against the Crimson Tide, completing 24 of 31 passes for 253 yards and two touchdowns. He also added 92 rushing yards on 18 attempts, including a 32-yard jaunt that showcased his impressive speed, quickness and elusiveness.

    While those unfamiliar with Manziel's exploits this season likely came away surprised by his performance, I suggest that it wouldn't even qualify as the best showing of the year for the prolific signal-caller, slotting in as another in a long line of strong outings. Manziel has topped 200 yards passing and 100 yards rushing in the same game four times this season, and leads the SEC in rushing with 1,014 yards. Most impressively, he ranks fourth in the SEC in passer rating (151.2) and sports an impressive 18:6 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

    Offensive coordinators are adept at building game plans around the talents of their playmakers. Manziel has the kind of ability that some NFL evaluators could find intriguing down the road.

    Here are three things I noticed about Manziel's game and his ability as a first-year player for the Aggies:

    1) Accuracy: Manziel's arm isn't the strongest in college football, but he is a pinpoint passer with outstanding accuracy and touch.

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    Whoop! He's fun to watch.
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    Kinda small so I dunno his future in the NFL...a faster/more athletic version of Colt McCoy? And before anyone mentions Drew Brees, he is the HOF exception, not the norm
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    Johnny Football is a great college QB and is fun to watch; however, Bucky Brooks might need to slow down on the Spread-Option and Manziel taking over the NFL talk.

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    He actually reminds me of RG3, although I have to admit.. I actually kind of like Mariota from Oregon better.
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    He's too small. He'd be out too much. Think of a slower and ?smaller Vick getting pounded. And while I haven't seen him often I thought his arm wasn't strong either but I could be wrong. Small data base. Can he make all the throws?
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    I think he has potential, especially if he can add some weight to his frame.
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    potential to be a great college QB... Sorry, QB's such as Russel Wilson and this guy will not have a long careers as a starter in the NFL
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    He's really not THAT small. He's listed at 6'1 200lbs (rivals had him at 6'1 193 out of high school) and he's just 19. I don't think his size will be a determent to his career. If he can get to combine in a few years at get a true measure of 6'1 and be at or over 210 he will be just fine.
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    Yes he can make all the throws. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZQsfFd1_s4 Go ahead and skim through that and you should see just about everything you need to.
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    The NFL is just not going to run the QB that often way to much money spent on QB's to expose him to that many hits in the NFL. Over time it takes the toll on the QB. I think it is something that would help Cam is to pick his spots when to run and slide so he avoids taking so many hits. That is what Steve young had to learn was to roll out and make throws, dump the ball off etc and pick his spots to make a run.

    Johny still needs more work he is young and still has some things to learn. He is getting better at making reads as the year has gone along and he has adjusted to the tighter windows in College football compared to Highschool.

    This type of QB is not new to the NFL Steve Young, john Elway anyone
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    Johnny Football is an amazing talent.

    He will play on Sundays
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    At what age to men generally stop getting taller? At 19 he could still be growing, right?
  14. StarMan

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    Typically around 18 I think.
  15. funkytown

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    I think everyone is different.

    I grew about an inch at 19 or 20.

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