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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Rack Bauer, Sep 11, 2004.

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    What a great game, right down to the wire. Loved it.

    A couple of notes...

    I've been saying the last two years that Cedric Benson has a ton of talent, but sometimes just doesn't run very hard. I said if he continued to run like he did in the early part of last season he wouldn't be a first round pick. Well... he ran his *** off tonight. He doesn't have great speed, but has good quickness, good vision, great balance, and can move the pile. Actually, the way he was running tonight, he reminded me a lot of Emmitt Smith.

    Speaking of Benson, he almost cost the Horns the game. At the end of the game he got like a 12 yard run and a first down and ran out of bounds. I was like, "***?" You got to just slide down and STAY inbounds. That cost them about 35 seconds. Then a few plays later Vince Young did the same thing. If BOTH of them stay in bounds on those plays, Arkansas wouldn't of even got the ball back.

    Speaking of Vince Young, there isn't a better athlete in the Nation at the QB position then Vince Young. BUT, he's NOT a good QB.... yet. He gets by on his athletic ability right now. If he can ever learn to set his feet, read the defense, go through his progressions, and deliver the football he'll be a #1 pick. But on a lot of his passes he looks like he's just buyiing time so he can run, like he's not even considering throwing the football. He has a ROCKET arm, but his accuracy isn't very good. A big reason for that is he doesn't set his feet. A BIG TIME playmaker at the QB position, but not yet a big time QB. I really like the kid though, I hope he develops as a QB.

    Matt Jones lost the game (duh). He turned the ball over on 2 of the last 3 possessions (they had a certain game winning FG on the second to last one) and on the last possession he decided to run, but didn't get the 1st and didn't get the first down. That cost them at least 12 seconds. He should of just thrown it away. Another great athlete at the QB position, but not a great QB.
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    Just glad UT got the win, great game to watch, now on to tomorrow hope we can pull it off..... :D
  3. Roughneck

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    Damn right.
  4. jimmy40

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    Another note....
    Texas' defensive ends suck
  5. Cbz40

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    Go Horns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rack it's past your bed time..........now go to bed! :D
  6. RicInAustin

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    On the 12 yard run by Benson that you mentioned, it didnt matter that he ran out of bounds after the run because he already had the first down, and the clock would have stoped anyway. Correct me if I am wrong, but in college football, the clock stops after every first down.

    Good game from start to finish. Anyone know the status of Selvin Young? He went out in the first half with an injury. Hopefully he wont be out too long.....thats a mean one-two punch at RB with him and Benson.
  7. lzppjb

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    The clock would have started again after the chains were set. We could have stood in the huddle for a while and milked the clock. Both should have stayed in bounds. I'm glad it didn't bite us in the ***.

    Selvin Young fractured his ankle and is out indefinitely. The trainer said it wasn't good. I'm pissed about that. But we've got Frosh Ramonce Taylor. He's gonna show what a badarse he is. Think small and fast as hell.

    The piggies are a bunch of classless bastids. I'm a Longhorn and I appreciate the rivalry. But did anyone see that DT tackle Vince Young and then wrench his ankle? It knocked VY out for a play as he limped off. While he was on the ground, the pig fans cheered. Bunch of jerks. I got one stat for all piggy fans...

    55-21 Horns lead the all-time series!

    Hook 'em
  8. Roughneck

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    Yes but it restarts again after the officials set the chains.
  9. jamez25

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    the sideline reporter said he had a fractured ankle....probably gone for the year. that sux !!!
  10. jimmy40

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    Sounded like Eagle fans didn't it? I'm surprised the announcers didn't make a bigger deal about the guy wrenching Young's ankle. Hell, even my wife was hollering at the guy.
  11. Roughneck

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    Hopefully Hardeman can get his act together and grades in order. I'm not sure how good I feel about having a True Frosh (Ramonce Taylor) as our 2nd string RB, no matter how fast he is.
  12. SuspectCorner

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    vince young, reggie mcneil, etc... does anybody remember when college QBs were slow but nimble, willing to stay in the pocket, looking to find the open receiver rather than "create". they could make the basic throws so few young pros seem able to anymore. guess they went the way of the basketball player who can shoot the open "j" and make 75% of their free-throws. oftentimes "spectacular athleticism" translates to "don't know what the hayull they're doin'." just a dinosaurs' opinion.
  13. jterrell

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    I actually moved Matt Jones up my drfat board. I think he is a legit day 2 QB now. He needs osme seasoning obviously but he has the ability and heart to be an NFL winner. His size, speed combo is fierce. He reminds me alot of Culpepper. UT has one of the faster defenses in the nation and he outrun them all night.

    Derrick Johnson is obviously a top 5-7 player in the draft and Cedric Benson won't be far behind. The best future pro on that field tho was Rod Wright the big DT, 90. He is gonna be a monster at the next level.

    I think Vince Young is a little more of the athlete learning QB than Matt Jones.
  14. jterrell

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    When we were debating types of QB back in the day here I always pointed out athletic QBs would prevail because that is where high schools and colleges awere headed. QBs need alifetime of training and now athletes are getting it not just would be linemen who are bigger than everybody else as it was 20 years ago.

    With the arms on the guys last night you can;t argue against them at QB at all. Vince Yuong has as arm as good as Troy Aikman did at UCLA. I'd say he lacked a lot of Troy's smarts but Troy wasn't that great at UCLA. Not like he was after a year and a half as a pro anyways.

    As an offensive coordinator or coach I would want a guy who can make all the throws but also who gave me the plays Jones or Young did last night with their feet as well. Neither team would have been in the game had their QB not been able to move extremely well. Both teams graduated their WR corps.
  15. ghst187

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    I was wondering how Rod Wright did in the game. AFN didn't broadcast the game. I'm anxious to see him play this year. I hope we have our eyes on him for the draft.

    There's just something about Benson that troubles me. Its as if he has the talent to be great if he wants to be, but he just doesn't always feel like it. Plus, he rolls it up against the patsies and disappears against the strong teams.

    Vince Young is exciting to watch run, like Vick, but doesn't seem to have much of a clue as to how to play QB. Both he and Vick are handcuffed in their QB development by their eagerness to take off running. Plus, running means taking hits and taking hits = injuries. Niether Vick nor Young will play in every game this year I'm afraid.

    I think OU is going to hang 50 on UT yet again,...in yet another sound tail kicking....mack brown, officially owned.
  16. jamez25

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    yea they kinnda just glossed over it...I was hoping someone would chop-block that SOB piggie.
  17. DallasCowpoke111

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    While I see and understand ppls arguments about Benson starting slow last two seasons, he's also the only active back to have rushed for 1000+ since his freshman year.

    Three years ago, his freshman year, he didn't get a carry until late 3rd period of game two, and split carries w/ 2 other backs, never starting a game.

    At the beginning of the season two years ago, he was still recovering from a severe neck injury suffered in the Big XII championship game.

    Last year, he was running behind an OL that at least early in the season, were trying to adjust to a new blocking scheme.

    Yet all 3 seasons, he ended strong, and with 1000+.

    As of last night, Benson has now rushed for over 180 yards seven times in his career, putting him alone in second place on that list, sandwiched between 2 guys you may have heard of... Ricky Williams (14, 1995-98), and "The Tyler Rose" (7, 1974-77).

    His short throw mechanics are very suspect, but MAN can that guy cover ground when he looks like he's just barely loping.

    To his defense though, his receiving corp. this year is 1 SR, 1 true freshman, 1 Soph and 2 pretty decent SR TE's.
  18. calico

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    The horns really need to get a passing game going and it almost cost them lastnight. They will get better throwing towards the end of the year but not in time for the OU game.

    Gred Davis needs to understand that when something works you do not go away from it until it is stopped.

    I was surprised by the cheering of Young's injury and I was not surprised to see an Ark player twisting his ankle.

    ankle twist vid
  19. lzppjb

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    I don't understand why people think that about Benson. Against the tough teams, Greg Davis abandons the run. It's not Ced's fault. The OLine has been suspect in the last few seasons as well. This year's OLine is returning 4/5 starters and have now learned the more aggressive blocking schemes of McWhorter. Sure, he rolls it up against the patsies. So does everyone else. But how can you say his 188 yards on 29 carries last night was not against a strong team? Pig fans said all week that their front 7 was the strength and Texas wouldn't be able to run on them. Uh huh...yeah.

    And about Young...watch more games. I'm wishing he ran MORE. The coaches are forcing him to stay back and try to find someone. They're handcuffing him by not letting him run as much. He could get 100 yards a game if he was let loose. If nothing is open, he's got the coaches in the back of his mind telling him to stay in and find someone. He did that well 1 time last night on that dump off pass to Ced for the Touchdown. He's going to be just fine when they let him PLAY. He's a natural. Help him study film and his playbook and let him rip.

    OU will be strong, but their D is not as dominant. Sure they gave up 24 at home to Bowling Green and their new QB. But they also gave up 13 to Houston yesterday at home. Houston...the same team that scored a whole 7 points, that in the last couple of minutes of the game, against the Mighty Rice Owls last week.
  20. DallasCowpoke111

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    From what I'm reading, Mack's taken over more of the offensive play calling from Davis this season.

    The only real beef I had, was on that long late 3rd qrt drive where the got down to the 25 or so. On that 3rd and like 7, they should of just run another dive play to CB or a shotgun option for Vince, get a yard or two, leaving the ball in the middle of the field, and take the ez FG to go up by 8

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