Texas law overrides NFL policy banning armed off-duty officers at games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by anava, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. anava

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    A new memo from the NFL would ban off-duty officers from bringing guns into games. That’s not going to fly in the state of Texas because Texas law trumps the brand new policy from the NFL.

    Read more --> http://bit.ly/19rOfYd
  2. tico

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    good job Texas...
  3. Chevyman08

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    God Bless Texas!
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    Do NOT bring politics into this thread.

    If you do, don't complain when you get benched.

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  5. Rack Bauer

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    Exactly. Some people should actually think before the post.

    Or... just don't post.
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  6. hipfake08

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    Something from the Giant and Jet games no doubt.
  7. tecolote

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    Then players in Denver should be able to smoke pot.

    And why would you take a gun to a stadium, that's insane.
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  8. ChldsPlay

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    Well that was a terrible article that didn't get into any specifics of what the law says and how it would apply to a private event.
  9. Joe Rod

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    What about politics mixed in with kittens?

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  10. VThokie7

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    Because whether on or off duty, you're still a cop and may have to act if a situation should arise? Every game already has armed on-duty officers all over the place, what is the difference?
  11. tecolote

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    The on duty officers cannot drink for starters, and they can take care of any situation should it arise. No good thing can come to bringing a gun to the stands, even if you are an off duty officer. Just leave your gun in your car, nobody in the history of organized professional sports has ever needed a gun in a stadium.
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  12. Doomsay

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    Seems like the Denver-game refs are even permitted to do so out of state.
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  13. justbob

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    Will never be enforced ..For one thing NFL policy does not override State law. Second most officers do not go anywhere without their weapon. They are legally never off duty. And because of the nature of their job ,they have a lot more bad guys who know them and think they can retaliate if the officer is not in uniform ...Not so,but for their and their family's protection they will carry their off duty: weapon
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  14. links18

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    Lots of questionable legal analysis going on here.
  15. Denim Chicken

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    I hope that is the fact if they are carrying.
  16. Vtwin

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    Can private businesses ban weapons from their property in Texas?

    Is so does Cowboy's Stadium do so?

    If not I have to imagine there are more than a few concealed handguns in the stadium on any given Sunday.
  17. justbob

    justbob Just taking it easy

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    To answer several questions --no --any off duty officer who is carrying his off duty weapon should not in any way be consuming alcohol and knows he is risking his career if he does. Does that mean some or dumb and do it anyway.Sure . Dumm-nest runs through our whole society. And to state that a weapon has never been needed at a sporting event is wrong . It has happened more the once in games from high school thru the pros. And a weapon needed is different then a weapon used.
  18. justbob

    justbob Just taking it easy

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    Yes business can and the law prevents carry in some stores ...But a sworn officer is different then a concealed carry. And basically can carry an off duty weapon into those places ..Again can and should are two different things.

    And I don't know about Cowboys Stadium.
  19. erod

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    I took a friend to a game once that is an ATF agent, and he was packing.

    I find it reassuring that they are.
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  20. VThokie7

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    On a side note, nice avatar! I have a 5 year old red tri aussie at home. They're great dogs!
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