Texas law overrides NFL policy banning armed off-duty officers at games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by anava, Oct 10, 2013.


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    Actually, they are not. The discussion is about Texas Law Enforcement being prohibited from carrying their weapons into NFL Games in Texas. Has nothing to do with drinking or if they can drink in Bars or when drinking prohibits a Texas Law Officer to carry or intercede. That's really a different discussion all together.

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    Well, I certainly can't tell you that in California, I don't live in California and I doubt I will ever live there so I'm certain you would have more knowledge of what the policy is there. However, I can absolutely tell you what I know of Texas.

    You have your own opinions on it perhaps and that's OK but you can't prove that cops are or are not drinking at any given time.

    Basically, it's the People of Texas who have the say in this matter and not anybody from California or New Mexico. I'm cool with it. It's the Law of Texas.
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    You are stretching there. People at football games often drink. If an officer is at a football game and engaging in same sort of behaviors as many of the adults at the game, then the issue is highly relevant.

    You tend to do this a lot when you don't like someone's argument.

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    No, I'm not. The decision has already been made. This question of drinking in stadiums or not and having an Officer carry a firearm is over. Officers will be allowed to carry their firearms into NFL games, or any other sporting event, in Texas. All this stuff that we are now trying to introduce is simply re-arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic. It's been considered and it's been ruled on. It's not an issue.

    On your last, the decision has been made so you have no argument. How's that for a tendency case study?
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    So what is the point of having any discussion at all? The decision has been made.

    Why not just lock the thread after that? Oh wait, that wouldn't allow for posts that support your views, so I see why you would allow it to go on now.

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    Well, that's kind of what I'm trying to get across here. It's a done deal already. Now, if you wanted to have another discussion on the merits of the decision, that's fine but this issue is pretty much put to bed. Just don't let any subsequent discussion get too political.

    I would hope I would not have to lock the thread. I would hope we could all be more adult about it. Why is it so hard for you to simply accept it. It's a done deal and, it's really no business of ours. You don't live in Texas and I no longer live in Texas so really, we have little say in the matter. I'm OK with that.
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    Was going to stay out of this thread but before I leave I will answer a few of your comment /questions.

    Yes many officers go from their shift to have a drink . Unfortunately to many. That is why they have a high rate of drinking problems. But you are mixing oranges and apples .Officers know when their shift is over and if they are going to be called back out. Many of those officers leave their duty weapons at the police department...The law does recognize that an officer is on call 24 7 ---- but the officers also recognize that they sometimes are not going to be where they should have a gun.
    To try and make a case that the officer has to be alcohol free and a saint all his life is ridiculous. Officers are the same as the rest. The difference is an officer is obligated to intervene on or off duty in a reasonable manner if he sees an offense being commited . That may be shooting someone or simply observing and getting the details needed to cause the suspect to be arrested. The truth is most officers put their self at a lot more risk stepping in off duty then on duty.

    Other officers who know that are on call out status will not even take cold medicine that might make them drowsy.

    An officer in a crowed stadium is going to restricted his response based on the circumstances.. And if he plans on drinking he is going to leave his weapon at home ,just as he would have a designated driver.
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    For those saying that it is a recipe for disaster to allow off duty officers to carry in NFL stadiums, why then hasn't it been an issue for the last few decades? The variable that changed isn't requiring off duty officers to carry its the NFL trying to supersede established state laws.
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    I'd like to see any data of an off duty police officer at a stadium event who has been involved in an incident involving them using their weapon especially if it was discovered later they were impaired.

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    Drinking, guns, bars, Cowboys...the discussions on this forum are looking up. I've been avoiding the joint with all the hate going on, but my interest is now piqued. I've never met a cop who didn't carry a gun with him at all times on duty or off. They're cops, who else would you rather have carrying a gun? In my opinion they should be able to carry a gun anywhere just in case somebody needs to be shot. Lots of folks out there need shooting and who better to do it than our local law enforcement agents?

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    Not real sure about the logic there altogether but in the end, your opinion agrees with the decision made. You have to be happy about that right?

    Especially on a Friday, getting round to 5 O'clock.
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    LOL. I can think of a lot of things some people need although I can't advocate for shooting them unless it is a legal discharge of a weapon be it police or not. BTW I took your post to be mostly in jest.
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    I have three 1st cousins and two uncles, that range from members of major city police forces, DPS and Texas Rangers. I know first hand, that's not the case.
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    I love Texas! I miss Texas!
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    I laughed when I read it but this is actually a very interesting aspect.

    Same would go for Seattle.
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    Since law enforcement officers have been bringing their weapons to Cowboys games for DECADES now, why the breathlessness about the revelation? SURPRISE LEO's carry guns off duty wherever they go. There is a paranoia about firearms from people unfamiliar with them that steps outside the bounds of rationality.

    Enjoy your game at Texas Stadium. If you are worried about someone having a gun, realize you are probably 100 times more likely to die on the drive home than from an event at a game involving a firearm.

    And remember the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.
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    It's the law in Texas. If the NFL wants to do business in the state of Texas, it's going to have to comply with Texas laws just like any other company that wants to do business in a state.
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    I think you bring up a good point about it being the norm, and that kind of brings up the question as to why they even sent the memo in the first place.

    Wonder if some off duty cop was being careless or doing something that the league wouldn't approve of and it got back to the higher ups.
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    you implied it was so rare it wasn't worrying about yet almost 10 percent of cop deaths are caused by them having gun taken from them, hardly rare

    I didn't make anything up, you did.

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