Texas Longhorns and who will be the next coach

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    Me too.
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    Great point - which just skyrockets UT out of touch.
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    I f
    figured, maybe Baylor can hire Cody Carlson if Briles ever leaves, make the big 12 coached by former qbs that were good bit not good enough for the nfl
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    Not a bad Baylor list if Briles leaves for UT but that isn't a UT list.
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    BTW, the 133 M Texas makes every year is completely pointless to the Saban chase.
    UT will buy him with private funds if it so desires.
    The group of big money boosters at UT is unmatched in college athletics.
    When they get a new coach those guys will simply buy him. We are talking people who purchase professional sports teams with 300/400 million price tags.
    They won't blink at 40m over 4 years for Saban.

    What makes money such a real factor is they can give Saban 5 or 6 m a year JUST IN LHN duties/pay. --could also be biggest obstacle... what Saban does for LHN.
    So he can make a moderate pay raise as HC and THEN get another 5 or 6 m per year.
    We are talking building real wealth. Hard to ignore. And more than nay NFL head coach makes.

    And they have an Ivy League type endowment (based off oil money) so the university itself isnt tapping Athletics funds to stay afloat.
    UT can fund whatever programs Saban thinks are necessary.
    Sports shrinks, Olympic training facilities, larger coaching staffs, larger academic staffs... all easily and happily done.

    As to the various above:
    Leach would be scary good at Texas. They'd destroy people with the easy recruiting and his brand of edgy pirate football.
    No one would call UT soft anymore. He'd put up 100 on teams if he could and he'd have the athletes to do it.
    And he'd flat run mamas boys off the team instead of actively recruiting them.
    But Leach hates most boosters and is not glad handling a bunch of good ole boys like Mack does.
    Makes him very unlikely.
    He is an acquired taste in personality, lol.

    Sonny Dykes isnt ready for UT yet. He was a QB coach when I was at Tech. He will need to win big first as a HC. I do love Spike tho!!!
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    Leach has never lived long on the coast and could care less about that.
    He is into the psychology of the pirate not the seamanship.

    He has lived most of his life in Wyoming, Kentucky and Lubbock Texas.

    His book sales were highest in the state of Texas in Austin. Those weird Austinites would love him. Now the rich boosters, maybe not so much.
    He is as rebellious and anti-authoritarian as you'll meet.

    What he is though is a far superior offensive mind and motivator than Mack Brown.
    UT fans would worship this guy in a year.
    No more mr nice guy nonsense.
    No more tea sip humor.

    And he absolutely owned TAMU while having recruiting classes ranked about 20 spots below them a year.
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    Your arrogance is cute, but Saban, Sumin, and Briles aren't goin' anywhere.
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    Doubt that... Applewhite is about to be front and center in this Bev Kearney lawsuit. I wouldn't be surprised if they have to fire him to save face...
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    How in the hell do you have a QB too concussed to even go to the stadium for the OleMiss game and then a week later he starts against Kansas State? And double how the hell can your OC have him running all over the place? This needs to be burned to the ground, everyone needs to be gone and start with Fatdog.
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    Former University of Texas running back Earl Campbell:

    "Nobody likes to get fired or leave a job, but things happen," Campbell said. "I'd go on record and say 'yes I think it's time.'

    "I'd just say this, I take my hat off for USC for what they've done. They didn't mess around with it. They just said 'let's do it now.' I think at some point our university's people are going to have make a decision."

    The Trojans fired head coach Lane Kiffin on Sunday.

    Texas is 2-2 after beating Kansas State on Saturday 31-21.

    "Some people get too old," Campbell said. "If players get too old to play a game, why can't a coach get too old to coach it."

    Brown is 62.

    "If we're going to make a change I would like to say that we got one in the house, Jerry Gray, who's getting in the College Football Hall of Fame," Cambell said. "I think that would be a good place to start."

    Gary, a former two-time All American defensive back at Texas, is the defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans.

    Campbell said it is not easy for him to call for Brown to be replaced.

    "Very hard because Coach Brown is a very good man," Campbell said. "I just hope he doesn't stay...he's done some great things. The program, he brought it back, and we don't need it to get run down where somebody has to start all over again, maybe Jerry Gray."

    Brown and Texas won the National Championship in 2005. His record with the Longhorns is 152-45.

    Campbell recalls when Darrell Royal, the school's all-time leader in wins (167), was replaced after the 1976 season.

    "I was part of a class in 1974 and I played for Coach Darrell Royal," Campbell said. "We had the same players, but our junior year, I don't know, we just couldn't do anything right. Then he left our football team and retired.

    "Coach Fred Akers came in, who coached me as a freshman at running back. We had the same players, I'm telling you. Coach Royal leaves. Coach Akers comes in. We win the Heisman and we lost to Notre Dame for the National Championship.

    "So sometimes a change is good. I think this is what we're up against at the university. Nobody wants to say that, but somebody has to break the ice and say 'yes it's time.' "
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    I heard earlier on the radio that Earl Campbell said he thinks it's time the Horns & Mack part ways.
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    I should have been betting some of you guys real money on the demise of the ACC. lol

    Now some here think Saban will come to UT?

    I'll bet against that one too.
    Any takers?
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    It isn't arrogance but common sense.
    I am a former Tech player.
    I watched Briles coach at Stephenville.

    I have followed Texas high school football for 30 years.

    Saban: May well decide to stay at Bama. But his personality suggests he'll leave if only out of boredom.
    Sumlin: Smart play for him is to cash in off Johnny Football. Maybe he does that and stays at TAMU. But I darn sure wouldn't.
    Briles: ROFL. You keep lying to yourself all you want about him.He's as likely to be at Baylor in 5 years as a strip club on campus.
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    You have great takes on this subject. Good stuff.
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    Nick Saban will never be the head coach at Texas...EVER. If he decided to leave Alabama for Texas. He should immediately have his sanity checked. And I am a HUGE longhorn fan.
    The only reason Saban would ever mention coming to Texas would be to hold Alabama hostage to a new contract.
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    Love college ball. Not a UT fan but I'll jump in on the speculation anyway.
    Right now UT is a mess. They sit in one of the biggest football recruiting hotbeds in the country yet they run a cheesy offense with McCoy. They need to get rid of Mack Brown asap before program slides too much more. Other programs in Texas are rapidly becoming more competitive (Texas A&M, TCU, Baylor ect) so at some point, if it hasn't happened already, UT is going to have less sway in getting players from the state. I don't think there is even a slight chance they can lure Saban from Bama.
    If I was the AD I would fire Mack and find a no gimmicks defensive type coach who runs a pro style offense.
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    Shows how little you know about Waco as Baylor owns property adjacent to the school where a grandfathered in strip club is still under a legally binding lease agreement that is yet to expire before the university moves in. So booyah!

    Oh yeah, you're still arrogant to think anyone will leave a great situation just because you once had a great brand that you think wil be a siren call to any successful coach of your choosing.

    This isn't 2005, or even 2009. It's 2013 and Baylor is better place to be than UT, let that sink in.

    The Baylor brand to a recruit is presently greater worth than UT, and that's just the truth.

    A new stadium, a great coaching staff, blingy new uniforms, and an offense everyone wants to play in...and none of it is in Austin.
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    Not sure what part of I am not a teasip you don't understand, but the UT brand isn't mine.
    I was accepted into their school of engineering but did not go.
    I went to Tech and played football there.
    I think the teasips are a bunch of fairies.

    But NO the Baylor brand isn't better than the UT brand.
    UT had the Pac 75, Big 10, ACC all chasing it just 18 months ago.
    The brand isn't near degraded though the coach has become a laughing stock.

    Briles has more sway than Mack right now with recruits because he has an exciting and winning offense.
    But that brand is no more than the coach himself.
    Baylor is still a small overly conservative church school in crazy Waco.
    And that is just simply the way it is.

    The teasips will can(reassign) Brown as I have suggested since about week 1; and they'll hire a big time coach who can recruit.
    The new coach will end up with a great situation because he'll have a lot of under-performing talent on campus he can get rid of and lots of scholarships he can throw at 4 and 5 star recruits who can walk in and play.

    Baylor has had 1 recruiting class this decade ranked higher than UT. That's it. And that will end after this class. Because whatever coach they hire will bring in a top 10 if not top 5 class next(2015) year.
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    This post is a litany of contradictions and concludes with sheer conjecture.

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