Texas Longhorns and who will be the next coach

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Both of those guys are Mike Leach guys(as was Briles).... Holgerson was Kliff's QB Coach/OC at Tech.
    Has very little to do with Sumlin TBH.
    They followed Briles to Houston. Sumlin inherited them.
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    Ummm...no. The first part is correct, the second is not.

    Briles took most of his staff with him when he took the Baylor job. AB also chose not to wait until after UH's bowl game to leave. As a result UH was forced to play in the 2007 Texas Bowl vs TCU without it's HC or either of it's coordinators. Not surprisingly, the Coogs lost. Thanks, Art. :(

    Both Holgersen and KIngsbury were Sumlin hires shortly after he took the UH job in 2008. DH was the OC/QB coach in 08-09, while KK started as a QC assistant. When DH left KK was promoted to co-OC with Jason Phillips (KK called the plays). When Sumlin left for TAMU he took KK with him as his OC.
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    I'm enjoying the Baylor fans in this thread doing everything they can to convince themselves that Briles won't leave. :p
  4. jterrell

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    Sumlin had never coached with Holgy or any Air Raid guy prior to hiring them. He had no direct connection to them at all(beyond both being assts in the Big 12).
    They were running the same offense Briles did which was the reason they were hired.
    Briles was on staff from 200-2002 with Holgerson at Tech. That team was quarterbacked by Kliff Kingsbury.

    The reason Briles didn't have Holgy at Houston was he ran his own offense. He didn't need a coordinator.
    But Sumlin turned the offense over to Holgy.
    He trained Kingsbury and Sumlin kept KK in place including taking him across the armpit to run the JF offense last year.

    Holgy invented this diamond formation (pseudo pistol) that is so popular now while at Houston.

    End of the day we do not know much about Sumlin's coaching tree.
    He can't really take credit for developing or passing scheme sot anyone on either side of the ball.
    He is an admin guy and a heck of a recruiter.
    Sounds like a friggin UT head coach to me.
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    While this may be true, there's still no incentive IMO for him to leave A&M for UT. There's no benefit to his career at all. As much as you'd like to think there is.
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    If UT wants a top guy they'll pay high dollar & we all know what money does. It talks!
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    I'll enjoy the continued disbelief and butthurt of programs that continue to lose to baylor
  8. dart

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    See that's what you don't get KNOW ONE CARES

    OMG they beat up on Iowa State who hasn't

    I will enjoy the butt hurt you will feel when your coache's CONTRACT is bought out by another school

    are you going to around for that ???????
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    It would be extremely hard for Briles to pass up on arguably the best college coaching job in America, living in a town like Austin, the resources of UT and a substantial pay raise. Before receiving an unspecified extension in December, Briles was reportedly making $2.2 million per year at Baylor. Brown makes over double that at $5.2 million per year. The only red flag with Briles is how bad Baylor's defense has been in recent years. There's no doubt that if hired, Briles should be told, "You can't bring defensive coordinator Phil Bennett with you." But that shouldn't be a deal breaker when you consider that Briles could convince almost any top defensive coordinator in the country to pack his bags and move to Austin
  10. dart

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    the only thing I care about is when Baylor is terrible again
  11. dart

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    I hope Briles goes to UT and fails there

    thats how much I care about Baylor and UT
  12. Aikbach

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    So you confess mindless trolling.
  13. dart

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    And yet you egg it on - no trolling - a strong dislike for dude that thinks his schools coach will not lured away by MONEY

    its that simple dude - can't make you understand it - sorry you can't accept it the idea

    And I just hate all Texas college teams - nothing mindless about it

    nothing personal

    so why do you think Spurrier went from Florida to Redskins five-year, $25 million contract with the to S Carolina the For The Money ???

    1. Nick Saban, Alabama Total Yearly Pay: $5,476,738
    2 Mack Brown, Texas Total Yearly Pay: $5,353,750
    3. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma Total Yearly Pay: $4,550,000
    4. Urban Meyer, Ohio State Total Yearly Pay: $4,250,000
    5. Les Miles, LSU Total Yearly Pay: $3,856,417
    6. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Total Yearly Pay: $3,835,000
    7. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina Total Yearly Pay: $3,585,000
    8. Gary Patterson, TCU Total Yearly Pay: $3,467,926
    9. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma Total Yearly Pay: $3,275,000
    10. Brady Hoke, Michigan Total Yearly Pay: $3,046,120

  14. dart

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    well I can understand your thought
    a new winning coach - to a sorry program
    but to think he won't follow then money
    is blind faith
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    So sayeth the nervous Aggie faithful.
    TAMU loses JM and Mike Evans and Matthews at LT.
    That's a lot to lose. And they still get to play the SEC West next year.
    Good luck with all that.

    UT may very well end up ranked higher than TAMU by season's end.
    It has a bigger budget, it's own network, easier road to playoffs, larger stadium, in the state capital not a sweatbox suburb but yea other than those things no reason at all to leave.
  16. ScipioCowboy

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    I have an idea: Let's keep the discussion focused on the respective schools and off of each other.
  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    Last warning. The next one of you two that starts up with each other is going to get benched so they can have time to reconsider the personal attacks. You two have been warned in this thread prior to this but continue. No more excuses or warnings. Knock it off. This also meansif it continues in any other thread you have been told what will happen. That goes for whoever starts it and if the other responds in kind. Time to grow up and knock it off.
  18. Chocolate Lab

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    Forget UT or anywhere else... I'm starting to wonder if we shouldn't be hoping for Briles to coach the Cowboys. :cool:
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    Well, to be honest, there is probably more chance of that Happening then Briles to Texas IMO. If what you suggest did happen, Gingie would be a pretty good fit at Texas. No kidding. He is exactly what the Texas folks would look for in a HC.

    Just saying.
  20. BoysFan4ever

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    The worse has happened. The Horns are playing well & they seem to have righted the sinking ship.

    If Mack does leave it'll be by retiring. I cannot see them firing him.

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