Texas Longhorns Football Thread 2.0

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Sep 15, 2012.

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    I guess you missed the 2nd line of my post.

    Also, for the most part, I have no issues with the flags against Texas and Dallas. There are sometimes where I feel the flag shouldn't have been thrown, but almost every penalty the Horns and Boys have, they did commit. My issue isn't the flags against my teams. My issue is the lack of flags against their opponents, especially when they are doing the same things, the Horns and Boys are getting flagged for.

    My biggest complaint is the lack of roughing calls that Romo gets. He has gotten hit above the should pads several times this year, and I cannot remember a single flag thrown in his favor. For a league that supposedly is protecting against concussions, head shots, and trying to keep starting QBs upright, they sure are dropping the ball when it comes to protecting Romo.

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