Texas Longhorns Football Thread 2.0

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    This is like Madden. Horns are just scoring at will.
  2. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    This is comical. :laugh2:
  3. TheCoolFan

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    Vandy used to be the joke in the SEC but now it's Ole Miss and Kentucky :lmao2: Even Mizzou and A&M have better teams
  4. Biggems

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    seriously Mack Brown frustrates me. We have a chance to put over 70 on the board, and he sits on the ball. Give McCoy and the reserves a chance to get themselves a score....a chance to finish off that time consuming drive.

    At any rate, great win.....Ash played very well, but he still needs to release the ball a tad earlier as to hit his WRs in stride. One good thing about his underthrows, he has great athletes who can adjust to the ball and make the plays to help him out.

    I loved the balance by the offense tonight.

    The defense needs to shore up their tackling, horrid tonight. Also, if we are going to play press coverage, we need to jam the WR at the line.......their recievers toasted us tonight when there was no reason for it. Still, I loved the pressure from our front 7 and we got a few INTs.

    One more note....I miss Justin Tucker.
  5. rkell87

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    we have to, have to, have to get this tackling shored up. Two times in three games we've given up a long touchdown due to a missed tackle that took the next guy out of the play. Same on the special teams run, we have been pretty good except this one time so I don't think it should be a problem but it shouldn't have happened.

    That said ole miss has some play makers and we got a good win but I don't expect to be able to count on three int's from WV and OU. As long as the tackling gets shored up, timing on those long throws gets worked on, and we get anthony fera back we should be alright. Can't wait to watch practice this week and see what we work on.

    Also, get monroe more touches! he should have had half the touches daje got, he is a senior and a playmaker!
  6. rkell87

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    the game was won man, if we wanted 70 then we should make our field goal and bergeron should have scored and later robenson should have scored.

    I don't mind stepping on the throttle but up by that much with 4 minutes left the TD needs to come on the ground or pass caught within a few yards of the LOS and it needs to be from 15 yards out or more.
  7. rkell87

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    CLF I just checked the old thread, why did you miss the start? they constantly scrolled on the bottom that the start of the game was on ESPN news and ESPN3?
  8. The30YardSlant

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    Ole Miss is as awful as BCS conference teams get these days. Kansas would thump them.
  9. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I wasn't paying attention so I didn't see the bottom of the screen.
  10. jobberone

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    We don't have a single Cowboy game thread but one each week. The UT game thread would be the same. We do have some long lasting exceptions like the last book you read but by and large don't bump old threads.
  11. jimmy40

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    ok I know I'm just looking for things to worry about so here we go.
    Ash is a terrible deep passer and we're done playing defenses that can't make plays on bad passes. I wish we would have run more 3 step drops where Ash has to make a decision and get rid of the ball, he can't wait till he's done with his drop to read defenses like he's done the first three games. Espinosa is just terrible at center. Why do our running backs have to bounce so many runs outside against terrible defenses? Is it strange that our backup Oline looks bigger than our starters? The jet sweep ain't gonna work with Dlines in our backfield. Burgeron and Brown are bad bad men but are having to work way too hard with this Oline, hope they don't get hurt again like last year. Have to be happy with Mike Adams actually making plays on balls and not dropping them. I still think our receivers won't be able to beat press coverage against actual defensive backs.
    Our corners look the same as last year, great job one play then completely lost the next play. Phillips looks completely lost on every play at safety. Our linebackers just don't seem to be very good. Interior Dline really gets pushed around at times. Our defensive ends can get after the passer, this and running back are by far the best positions on the team, no surprise there.

    Yeah yeah I know we're 3-0 but I've seen this before.
    Now someone convince me that I'm wrong to think we are in big trouble going into Big 12 play.
  12. RamziD

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    Ole Miss is not great but they are a hell of a lot better than SMU who your team struggled with for 25 minutes. In A&M last Big XII season the Longhorns beat you, and in your inaugural SEC season we were still able to get a win against an SEC team before you. :eek:
  13. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Postgame thoughts.
  14. rkell87

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    mike davis perhaps?
  15. jnday

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    This is the worst Ole Miss team in years. It was actually a surprise to win the first two games against small schools. Ole Miss has a mess due to Houston Nutt and the AD having some bid time problems before Nutt left. When he left, there was no talent. None. Beating the Rebels was like beating a Division two school. So beating them is not saying much. This is from a former life-long Ole Miss supporter. That is another problem. Ole Miss has lost a ton of support due to some changes that has gone on there. I have serious doubts that the team could beat SMU. The changes that Ole Miss has made has ripped the school apart. For Ole Miss to make the plays they did against Texas, it would make me worry about the Longhorn's defense.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I realize that the seasons is still very early but lets be fair here. Ole Miss, up until this past weekend, was leading the SEC in offense and is still 2nd by a decent margin. Moncrief is a freak! He is leading the conference in receiving by a pretty good stretch as well. Texas tried to cover him in single coverage for much of the game and they paid for it. Moncrief is a 6-3, 220 lbs WR who catches everything and can run routes. If we have to see WRs like this kid every week, I would be very worried. Fortunately, we don't because there are not a lot of Moncriefs anywhere in the Country.

    Bo Wallace, he throws too many INTs but he's 3rd in the Conference in Passing % so he is making the throws. He's not a bad QB by any means. He will get better as time goes on with experience.

    The running game is solid. Lawrence is averaging over 6.5 yards per care and is tied for 2nd with 4 rushing TDs.

    This team is no slouch offensively.
  17. rantanamo

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    Stop. Ole Miss 2012 runs circles around 2011. You sounds like you haven't watched your own team play. The team Ole Miss beat the previous week pretty easily gave OU fits for 3 1/2 quarters. Are you now telling me OU is a bad team? And Sorry, Ole Miss beats SMU. SMU has Garrett Gilbert. Wondering if you are really a lifelong Ole Miss supporter or if you just blindfolded yourself the last two years.
  18. joseephuss

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    The 2010 Ole Miss squad is probably the worst team in years. They lost to Jacksonville St. I agree that Houston Nutt was the problem.
  19. DallasCowpoke

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    Malcolm Brown is showing the patience to wait for and burst through the holes we were waiting to see. Thank you OL!

    But lets be real, 3 or 4 of those deep passes that were completed, looked like Ash he was doing his best Rip Sewell impersonation and just chucking up an Eephus pitch. Try those against the upcoming ops and his completion to INT ratio is going to look horrid.

    Big props to Mack though for taking the knee at 66.
  20. jnday

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    I don't support them any longer after being a Rebel for most of my life due to some changes they made in policy. I get a good bit of info from an alumni friend of mine with inside connections to the coaching staff. If it makes you feel better, continue thinking they are a good team. Take a look at the end of the season and your opinion will change. I don't hate them by no means, and my info about them is legit. They just have a low level of talent. Lower than usual.

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