texas recruiting thread... again

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by rkell87, Feb 3, 2013.

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    Defensive recruiting was my only real issue with 2013.

    2014 defensive recruiting is starting on the wrong foot as well with Nick Harvey, Hoza Scott, and Josh Walker already committing to the Aggies and us not being favorites for Zach Whitley and Myles Garrett. Diaz and his stupid scheme can go back to Florida for all I care. I much prefer Mark Snyder at A&M.

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    Well, to be honest, Scott and Harvey were never going to go to Texas either way. Josh Walker isn't even ranked and Whitley and Garrett (who is a DE) have not declared but both have Texas at the top of their lists. The top ranked LB in the country, according to Rivals, Dillon Bates also is considering Texas so there still a lot of talent out there that Texas could land. James David, Josh Mabin and Derek David all have Texas high on their lists.

    We just got a verbal from Hampton, we signed Deoundrei Davis and Naashon Hughes in the 2013 class. We have Cole, Santos, Thompson, Edmonds, Perlman, Johnson, Jinkens, Benson and Cobbs all back. We are fine at LB IMO. We just need to work on teaching them how to tackle. To be honest, I think LB is going to be a strength for the Horns next year. We took our lumps this season because we played so many young players at LB but next year, that should pay off.
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    you mean you don't like leaving the slowest linebacker in the country in the middle of the field by himself all the time?

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