Texas Snubbed Jameis Winston

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    Luck was good enough that I don't believe he would have signed with anybody had he not had a very good chance of starting his freshman year. I don't know that for a fact, that's just supposition on my behalf.

    Now RGIII, he might have been different because he was not a 5star guy but again, supposition.
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    That may very well be true, but it still doesn't hurt to make an offer. And Luck did redshirt his freshman year, so he didn't have that great a chance of starting. :D

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    He did Red Shirt but had he come to Texas, he would have signed with the understanding that Colt would have been the starter for his Red Shirt season and the Season after that and that Gilbert would have been the #1 QB option coming into camp once Colt moved on. Add to that the fact that Luck is not really from Texas. He moved there in 2001 but was not really committed to Texas by any stretch. Luck was born in D.C. and lived most of his childhood in Frankfurt and London. His Father, as you know, was a Pro QB as well and while it's popular to say that Texas missed on signing Luck, the truth is that they never really had a shot at him. Oliver Luck, who knew Jim Harbaugh from their NFL connections and who, was a road scholar himself, was much more interested in Stanford then he ever was in Texas. He liked the Educational opportunity at Stanford better and he liked the fact that Andrew would get NFL quality QB coaching as opposed to what he would get at Texas. Truth be told, Texas never really had a shot at Luck if you ask me but I do understand the argument. I just feel like that was a deal that was never in the cards. JMO
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    ROFL at UT.

    How did last night go? You couldn't have used RG3 or Andrew Luck? Riiiggghhhhhttttt.

    Gilbert had 1 quarter of good football with a NC caliber team around him... in his college career. He is terrible at SMU.

    Texas can recruit all the 5 star recruits they want except it so happens people realize many of these 5 stars suck before they get to campus.
    5 star WRs with terrible hands. 5 star RBs who fumbled once a game in high school....
    UT has to start recruiting good football players, not whomever is rated highest.

    It's hilarious but the scumsucker running the recruiting services that has landed so many Texas kids at Oregon/Baylor said it best: Texas can't win because they dont get the right info on kids.
    Lache Seastrunk is a better back than all these 5 star backs Texas has recruited.

    Stop signing kids a year early. Teams with insane recruiting advantages do not need to do that.

    BTW, RG3 was only a 3/4 star recruit because many teams wanted his as a DB. He was one of the best athletes in the nation with high school championships in the hurdles and unbelievable performances at Copperas Cove.

    Winston says flat out he would have signed with UT had they offered. Brees said the same thing thing. Luck intimated it as well.
    UT might want to send coaches to actually watch kids play or something... since all those kids are better than anyone UT has had on campus at the position.

    As a native Texan and Big 12 fan I'd like for UT not to suck. Stop wasting recruiting classes but signing miss-matched parts and heinously overrated kids.
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    remind you of any body ( Jerry Jones )
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    I know one of J. Winston's former coaches. I don't think he would have gone to Texas, IMO. The reason Florida State won out over Alabama is because Winston wants to play football AND baseball, which he does at FSU. Saban wanted him to focus on football. If Texas had allowed him also to play baseball, maybe Texas would have won out over FSU. But I don't know if that would have been the case.

    As an aside, Mack Brown has wasted so much talent at Texas. With the teams Texas had, it should have won three for four National Championships. I mean look at how many first rounders Texas has put in the NFL in the late 90s early 2000s. Imagine what Nick Saban would have done with that type of talent?
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    Winston himself said he'd have been a Longhorn. I am going to take his word over anyone elses.

    Mack Brown hasn't had an offensive player drafted since 2010.
    His recruiting classes have been high but he hasn't selected the true quality players.
    Some of it is development but the rest is just recruiting misses that were never great football players but only pretty on paper and in satellite camps running around in shorts.
    Saban doesn't recruit any kid who isn't a flat out stud on the field.

    Brown is done and needs to be replaced.

    When he started firing guys to save his job it was really all over then. Brown hasn't owned a system on either side in quite a while and these guys he bring in bring in their own philosophy.
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    Nick Saban has had far more talent in his reign at Alabama. His years at Bama have seen them have the largest margin of recruiting edge (on average) that I can ever rememeber....though USC was rolling pretty well too a few years ago in that area.

    Texas has been great at recruiting over the last dozen years, but about 6-7 other schools have (on average) been right there with them. UT has played in two national Champ games and won one. Other than Alabama, the schools that have recruited like them have had roughly the same results; some slightly better (LSU..2 BCS titles) some slightly worse (Ohio St...2 BCS appearance, no wins).
    That is very close to what can be expected....though two titles would have been more like it.
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    Brown's problem is that success is now dated.
    And his recent teams have been abysmal.

    At least USC can point to scandal and new coaching staffs.

    Brown's had even more support and more money to work with.

    There are 7 starting QBs in the NFL from the state of Texas but none played at UT.
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    It isn't that none played at UT. It is that most weren't even pursued by UT.

    Obviously, Brees was before Mack Brown's time. Stafford was seemingly Georgia bound no matter what. The rest weren't even looked at by Texas. It is understandable that you can't get every player to come to your school, but they weren't even given offers or opportunities by Texas. That is some big misses. And QB isn't the only problem. They have been doing a poor job of getting quality offensive linemen as well.

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