Texas Stadium a Target

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by dallasblue05, Jul 7, 2005.

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    I just heard on ESPN 790 in Houston that Texas Stadium was discovered to be a target in the investigation of the 9/11 attacks. God knows I am glad that didnt happen (it was bad enough as it was), but it raises a question in my mind. How safe do we really feel at a game? Sure you arent really thinking about it, but how good is the security? It doesnt take a lot for a plane to fly over a stadium....or even the security area, sure we go through security, but what if someone did something before the game when everyone was going through security.........any ideas or thoughts?
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    This is the first I have heard of this...I just wonder if it is speculation?

    One other thing to consider if they did target texas stadium for 9/11....is that it would not have been full like on a normal game day.

    It may have had office personell, players, coaches and maybe a few tourists.

    So...sounds like speculation to me, not saying it is not true, just sounds like speculation. :cool:
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    Flip over to ESPN radio. Colin Cowheard is talking about that topic right now. I agree with him in that sports stadiums are targets and they would be devasting if it. There is always room to improve safety measures at games and I am sure there will be new procedures implemented this season.
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    yeah but if you remember, 9/11 wasnt the original date that the deal was planned for. And I am sure if they had chose Texas Stadium as a target, they would have planned around a day where it would have been full. I dont know if it would be speculation(but it could be), because why would you bring it up so long after? The 9/11 reports are available and this would possibly be included.
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    i am listening as well......The Sports Animal in Houston (ESPN 790) one of my favorite stations. I listen to it online because I am not living there anymore

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