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Texas vs. Ok St.

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Wishbone82, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

    14,198 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Hopefully this pisses off Dez and he takes it out on the Bears.
  2. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member

    34,819 Messages
    13,836 Likes Received
    OSU home field has been unbeatable for two years now, so have to give UT credit.
    Ok State is the Big 12's wii
    Nningness program over the last 2 seasons
  3. BTX

    BTX New Member

    435 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    David Ash looks like a different qb.
  4. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

    13,402 Messages
    1,172 Likes Received
    Davis definitely redeemed himself on that last catch.

    What a great victory...

    I do not understand the 2 short kickoffs though, since OSU was doing nothing in the return game....those two short kicks seemed to give momentum to OSU and turned into TDs....of course the 2nd was obviously touched by a Cowboy, but the stupid refs are blind, even the replay ones. I mean the player even showed his frustration with himself for touching the ball and costing his team yardage.

    Also, I feel Brown made a mistake going for 2, just as I feel OSU made a mistake going for 2 when they did as well.

    I will enjoy this win.....next week is going to be exciting....

  5. danielofthesaints

    danielofthesaints Well-Known Member

    1,130 Messages
    233 Likes Received
    Texas got away with one there. Could have easily been no points at the end of that drive with that controversial no-call fumble. Oh, well. I'll take the victory. Now how in the heck are we going to stop Geno Smith?
  6. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

    14,198 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    We're not.
  7. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

    13,402 Messages
    1,172 Likes Received

    look at all the big plays against us, we dont get beaten deep.....we miss tackles and the big plays happen. If we can keep the play in front of us and actually secure the tackle, WVU will not score as easily. Oh, they will score, but we need to make them work for it.

    BTW, WVU's defense does not impress me. Texas needs to do one thing though.....throw downfield more. We need to take advantage of our athletes like Shipley, Davis, Goodwin, Johnson, Monroe, and Grant.
  8. calico

    calico Well-Known Member

    4,643 Messages
    566 Likes Received

    Stop him with 10 play, 80 yard td drives that take 8 mins off the clock and hope the D can make some sort of pays against wvu. Wear the wvu D down til they can't get the horns D off the field inthe second half.
  9. joseephuss

    joseephuss Well-Known Member

    24,460 Messages
    3,075 Likes Received
    How is that a mistake? Texas was only up by 1 pt. You kick the PAT and you are just up by 2 pts. A FG will still win it for the other team. You make a 2 pt conversion and a FG only ties it. That is an easy decision.
  10. Ren

    Ren Well-Known Member

    11,438 Messages
    789 Likes Received
    Ash is starting to look like a good QB
  11. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    14,168 Messages
    14,086 Likes Received
    i'm very proud of ash after last night. defense on the other hand needs a stern week of practice.
  12. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

    13,402 Messages
    1,172 Likes Received

    there was still a lot of time left and the defenses were not getting stops. you take the 1 as long as you can and wait until the last possible moment to go for 2.

    when they failed on the attempt it made it possible to lose if OSU scored a TD at the end of the game.

    they should not have gone for 2 until after the Bergeron TD in the final minute.
  13. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

    13,402 Messages
    1,172 Likes Received

    OSU was very disciplined with their run blocking. They kept using the same play over and over and we simply couldnt stop it. It reminded me of the play GB made popular in the 60s....or the counter tre that the skins used with Riggins.

    We are going to give up yards and points, I can live with that........especially in a conference with such explosive offenses. However, I cannot live with such pisspoor tackling. Phillips gave up 2 TDs last night because of his garbage tackling technique.

    BTW, even though I am a Horns fan, I had to appreciate the run where Randle trucked Tucker.....that was just a man's run right there.
  14. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

    14,198 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Me too. That boy is ballin.
  15. MC KAos

    MC KAos Well-Known Member

    7,500 Messages
    39 Likes Received
    ya, if we can only shore up our missed tackling, we could be in the national title picture! it gets rough here in the next 3 games though!
  16. DallasCowpoke

    DallasCowpoke Fierce Allegiance

    5,533 Messages
    300 Likes Received
    That was mystifying. We we're all sitting looking at each other wondering, what, did their kickoff specialist get hurt? The previous kicks went into the endzone or were covered easily.
  17. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

    11,603 Messages
    1,742 Likes Received
    I was glad to see Texas win, .. but with all of the replay technology at their disposal, that should never happen.

    No referee ever saw any Texas player possess the football in the endzone because they never did.

    OSU fans now know what Green Bay fans feel like.
  18. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

    16,183 Messages
    917 Likes Received
    I'll always defend a ref for missing a call live because its gonna happen sometimes and they aren't watching slow motion replays like we are but to miss it on replay is inexcusable, that was clearly a fumble and the Texas kickoff clearly was touched by the OSU guy before it went out of bounds.
  19. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

    13,402 Messages
    1,172 Likes Received

    yes it was a fumble....however, there was no angle that showed definitively where the ball was when the fumble happened. did it cross the goal first or not.

    i feel UT got away with one, but still, the video was not conclusive as to if he fumble before or after the ball crossed the goal. because it was called a TD, without any conclusive evidence, it could not be overturned.
  20. DallasCowpoke

    DallasCowpoke Fierce Allegiance

    5,533 Messages
    300 Likes Received
    It may have been a fumble but once they signaled it a TD, there was no clear evidence who, when or where the ball was recovered, so there was no way for them to overturn it.

    The network official explained that pretty clearly during the replay TO I thought.

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