Texxas Jam ’78 documentary now on iTunes

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    Anytime I even think about that day on the floor of the Cotton Bowl, I begin to pant like one of Pavlov's dogs!
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    Three years after asking what became of the long-awaited Texxas Jam ’78 documentary — and eight years after producers began assembling the history-of — the film just became available on iTunes for $5.99. And maybe that seems like a steep price to pay for a 43-minute offering, but considering its tortured history — including a lengthy tussle with Jam co-founder David Krebs, who’d been looking to make his own doc — it’s likely a small price to pay to relive the Texxas World Music Festival at the Cotton Bowl that featured the likes of Van Halen, Aerosmith, Heart and Journey.

    “i’m so happy it’s over,” says one of the film’s producers, Daniel Keith, a local boy living in New York. We chatted about the doc via Facebook. “There are so many other projects I have coming out, and this was like that rock in my shoe. It was done over a year ago, but we weren’t allowed to release it.”

    Krebs was one roadblock; getting the artists to sign on was another. Aerosmith and Van Halen didn’t participate, but most everyone else did. Keith says they got a little help from Pace Concerts’ Louis Messina, the Jam co-founder whose name was once synonymous with Big Event shows ’round these parts, and a lot from ex-Voice-of-Q102 Redbeard. Even when the agents were a pain, the remaining bands were “great,” says Keith, “very warm.” Fitting for a doc about a day when it was hotter than hell.

    “I think it’s safe to say this will be my last music documentary,” says Keith. “I need to go with something easier, like cracking the codes of the NSA.”

    And, sure, there’s another doc to be done on the decade-long history of the entire Texxas Jam, which melted away in the late ’80s. (There’s already a book, after all.) Maybe it’ll even stage a comeback: Just today, Cotton Bowl manager Roland Rainey said he was recently approached by some of the original organizers about resurrecting the fest. But Rainey doesn’t buy it, not for a second. He’s heard that before. But this is a nice start — a short, sweet introduction to the concert your father and I won’t stop talking about.

    “Even though it’s 8 years old, I’m very proud of it,” says Keith. “One day I aspire to do a project not surrounded by controversy.”
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    I didn't make until the mid 80's but I made it 3 times. Holy moly what a day those were.

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    I thought 79 was the best year. Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen, Nazareth, Boston, Rush, Foghat, and Pat Travers just to name a few. Travers Boom Boom Out Go The Lights was epic.
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    I vividly recall how hot that 104 degree day was, especially on the stadium floor itself. My buddy Jeff Clayton's brother-in-law was a DPD officer who went with us. That was our saving grace, 'cus we kept going up into their air conditioned mobile trailer.

    It was kinda a disconcerting feeling the 1st time or 2, walking in there reeking like da ganja mon! Until it dawned on me Trey, Jeff's BIL, wasn't exactly innocent. :D
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    I was at the '88 show that was actually called Monsters of Rock. Metallica, Van Halen, Dokken, Scorpions and Kingdom Come. Great show!
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    Yes it was. :D
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    I was there in 78 and 79, I was 15/16 at the time. I remember hearing that Rush had made a big deal about being the last to go on that night because the they wanted weed out all the non fans and play when it was cooler after dark. It worked, and me and my companions were able to get right up to the front wall. Rush played Circumstances from Hemispheres which had not been released because they were still touring A Farewell to Kings, and had not gone into the studio to record Hemispheres.
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    Damn, in 1979 that would be a hell of a lineup.
  9. yimyammer

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    I worked "security" at several of the Jams. It consisted of me wearing a shirt with the word security on the back. I instilled such fear that everyone around me never hesitated toking away right underneath my nose. In retrospect, I'm really not sure what my purpose was.
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    it was always nice and cool at the Astrodome Jams.:D
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    Yeaaa, but then I'd of had to gone to Houston, and THAT would be purt'near bad as H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS!! :p

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