TFY ‘14 NFL Draft: Quarterback Rankings

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Nov 9, 2013.

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    1Marcus MariotaOregon3So1st

    [​IMG]Developing signal caller with the necessary skills to become a franchise player. Athletic, nimble and strong armed. Can make plays in or out of the pocket with his arm or legs. Comes with tremendous upside potential.

    2Teddy BridgewaterLouisville3Jr1st
    [​IMG]Strong armed, athletic passer who plays smart football. Has the physical skills to make all the throws or pick up yardage with his legs yet at the same time possesses a good understanding of the position and game. Shorter than most want in a quarterback and has been up and down this season yet legitimately a big time talent for the next level.

    3Johnny ManzielTexas A&M3So1st
    [​IMG]Tremendous college signal caller who looks like a magician on the field. Improvises and finds a way to create positive plays. Reckless style of play could hurt him in the NFL. A solid prospect that’s going to be over-drafted next May.

    4Brett HundleyUCLA3So1-2
    [​IMG]Developing passer with a large amount of upside. Has the physical skills to start on the NFL and for the most part makes good decisions but really needs another year on the college level to polish his game.

    5Derek CarrFresno State5Sr2-3
    [​IMG]Ultra-productive passer with an NFL arm. Smart, accurate and stays away from bad decisions. Struggles under the rush which is a red-flag. Post season (Senior Bowl and Combine) are big for Carr.

    6A.J. McCarronAlabama5Sr3rd
    [​IMG]Productive quarterback that’s done nothing but win on the college level. Smart, effectively manages the game and commands the offense. Not a true vertical passer but could be effective in certain timing/west coast offenses.

    7Tajh BoydClemson5Sr3rd
    [​IMG]Athletic college passer with a big arm but poor throwing fundamentals. Easily drives deep passes or makes plays carrying the ball. Can be all over the place with throws as receivers are constantly slowing up in routes or leaving their feet to make the catch. Needs a lot of work from the ground up.

    8Zach MettenbergerLSU5Sr3rd
    [​IMG]Big armed pocket passer who flashes ability. Easily gets the ball through the small windows or drives deep passes. Can make a number of NFL passers others are unable to complete. Physically enticing yet has struggled to prove he’s anything more than a game manager to this point.

    9Stephen MorrisMiami-Fl4Sr3-4
    [​IMG]Up and down passer with the underlying mental and physical skills to start on the NFL level. Must start to play at a consistently high level.

    10Aaron MurrayGeorgia5Sr3-4
    [​IMG]Feisty, competitive signal caller who’s been very productive on college level. Possesses the arm strength intelligence and heart to play at the next level. Lack of height/size will ultimately pose a problem for team.
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    the best QB no body ever heard of Tom Savage
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    Hard to put Mariota at #1 after that Stanford game. He didn't look good under pressure or when having to throw into tight windows. I don't trust any QB in that Oregon offense, its a completely different world from NFL football.
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    he was guy was a machine last night. IDK where they get he's not good under pressure. IDK if they mean pass rush or tight games. Because Fresno state and Carr in particular has been deadly in tight games and has won more then a few this yr. and he constantly gets out of pressure in the pocket and gest big throws in them situations
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    He was running for his life on almost every throw that game. I don't put that on him. Oregon's O-Line got absolutely dominated the entire game. When he had time, he made great throws.
  7. IAmLegend

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    Jimmy Garoppolo, QB Eastern Illinois (Romo's alma mater).

    Seems like the kind of player the Cowboys would be interested in developing. Has all the physical tools at 6'3" and 223 lbs and a strong arm, w/ good mechanics and a quick release.
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    I think McCarron has Alex Smith written all over him, and I mean that in a good way. I don't think he has the high ceiling, but he can be a winning QB.

    I also really like Aaron Murray, though, being 6 1 is certainly concerning considering he's not overly mobile.

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