TFY Pre-Combine Notes 4.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Update Feb 12th- Wilson slipping? Frederick rising?

    February 12th

    - Looking for a sleeper at 3-4 outside linebacker? Keep an eye on Tourek Williams of Florida International. The college defensive end has been taking in a lot of linebacker drills in preparation for the combine and is aiming to run in the mid 4.7’s at 253 pounds a week from Monday.

    - Last week I was told several teams had a third round grade on Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson. I didn’t think much of it until a recent conversation confirmed the information. Teams are seemingly concerned with Wilson’s small hands, which measured 8.58-inches at the Senior Bowl. Sources told me most teams have a cut off at 9-inches for quarterbacks and Wilson was the only one in Mobile under that number. Scouts point out the way the pass flutters upon release in his game film as proof he’s squeezing the ball too much due to small hands. And for the most part these were warm weather games with a college ball. This much is certain; Wilson and his release will be under a microscope at the combine, during his pro-day as well as during individual workouts.
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    Scratch Frederick.
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    Unless they trade back a couple of spots and pick up a 3rd and grab him.
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    I've been saying that Frederick had "room" to lose weight and gain quickness. I thought that his quickness in 2012 was borderline, especially for the ZBS; however, at 315 lbs, he could be a completely different player. I'm not really sure why he played at 338. Maybe it's like a bodybuilder that bulks up to gain mass and then trims down before competing.

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    I swear to Christmas, if I go through a draft season without somebody calling a lineman from Wisconsin the best they seen in however many years, I'll do a somersault in elevator shoes while resiting the Gettysburg Address.
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    Reading Carimi is already on thin ice in Chicago.
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    Don't think you have too much to worry about there, but that would be fun to witness!
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    I never liked him that much.

    I remember saying he didn't look that amazing and other people went nuts.
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    Is there a surgery for small hands? lol

    If that was keeping me from a successful nfl career I would find a way.
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    And Kevin Zeitler had an outstanding rookie season in Cincy.

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