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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 19, 2013.

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    February 14th

    - I am told Keenan Allen/WR/Cal has not looked anything special in combine training nor has he separated himself from the almost dozen wide outs he’s working out with in Florida. Its not that Allen has been bad rather he does not show the “wow” factor you want to see in a potential top twelve pick.

    - On the other hand I am told Stedman Bailey/WR/West Virginia has really stood out and could be the surprise at receiver during the combine. He’s run terrific routes, caught everything in sight and is running very fast. The comparison to former USC receiver Steve Smith is being made and like Smith, Bailey could end up in the second round.

    - Another wide out that’s been impressive is Conner Vernon of Duke. He’s shown some of the most consistent hands in training and runs outstanding routes. One other thing to keep an eye out for; I’ve been told though Vernon does not have the breakaway speed, as evidenced by his tape, he runs the fastest ten yard splits of anyone he’s training with (including the aforementioned Allen and Bailey). His problem if from 20-to-40 yards. That being the case, Vernon will get a lot of looks from teams that run the west coast offense based on his ability to get off the line. I’m also told Vernon is a “solid kid” which will further help his cause.

    - Ryan Swope of Texas A&M has also looked terrific in the lead up to the combine. Scouts estimated Swope runs in the mid 4.5’s but I hear the reality is different. He’s been running in the low 4.4’s during training and has stood out in the jumps and agility drills. Most are already familiar with his sensational pass catching skills but if Swope is able to turn some heads at the combine with his athleticism and speed then say hello second round.

    - From the tight end class sources tell me Gavin Escobar of San Diego State is still rough around the edges yet has caught everything in site the past few weeks.

    - Mychal Rivera of Tennessee, a player I gushed about from Senior Bowl practices, is expecting to run the forty in the 4.6’s though his goal is the 4.5’s. Keep an eye on Rivera’s weight at combine as we hear he was light in Mobile at 237-pounds.

    - Finally, Nick Kasa of Colorado is targeting sub 4.7-seconds in the forty at 270-pounds during his combine workout. His weight at the Senior Bowl was 271lbs. We’ve written about Kasa since December and know scouts love his upside. He’s presently ranked as a 4th round pick on our boards but a sub 4.7/forty could put him into day two of the draft.

    - I am told quarterback Zac Dysert of Miami-Ohio, who was expecting to complete the entire combine workout, suffered a slight tear of his hamstring Monday and won’t throw until his pro-day on March 21st.
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    For teams looking for a WR, this looks like a good year to wait until after round 1. The risk/reward gets much better in rounds 2-5

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    The only two guys I have in the 1st round are Allen and Patterson. Everybody else at WR could go anywhere from the 2nd to the 4th.
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    Frankly unless we are thinking of letting Austin go we should ignore WR this year
  5. Vintage

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    With Austin getting nicked up more often... We don't have an outside WR behind Dez and Miles.

    And Garrett likes to use Miles in the slot, too

    I wouldn't be surprised if another WR was brought in via the draft. Or even free agency.
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    Couldn't disagree more. Depth at receiver was a glaring problem for us last season, so what is it that you expect will improve absent any other changes?

    If there's value at receiver, it's hard to argue that any team should ever not be willing to pull the trigger. You need too many of these guys.
  7. burmafrd

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    Total complete BS.

    We have plenty of young guys that need to be evaluated. We have Dez as the main guy. If we keep Austin then we only need to improve at 3rd. Which is why we need to look at the young guys more.

    And just in case some people forget any 3rd WR will be the 4th option since we have Witten. So claiming that is a big problem is total BS.

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    I think some of the problem here is that you need to distinguish between outside WRs and slot WRs. They are really two different players and that's part of the problem IMO. We need to have backups for each of the two positions. We need a guy who can step in and play outside and we need a guy who can step in and play slot.
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    Chris Kouffman ‏@ckparrot
    Miles Austin spent 70% of his time in slot in 2012 but only avg'd 1.18 yards per pass snap there. Avg'd 2.74 on perimeter (per PFF).
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    You create too many straw men here, friend. You put words into people's mouths that they simply did not say. No one say this is a "big problem" except you when you decided that you wanted to argue with someone who doesn't exist. Saying you think we should just CONSIDER spending a draft pick on a WR is not saying this is a "big problem." Making arguments like that is poor form and derails otherwise good conversations.

    You don't complete reject spending a pick on a position because you have a couple borderline roster prospects you would like to "evaluate." Our fifth and fourth receiver spots are absolutely, unequivocally in flux. Are you willing to say that Beasley or Coale are roster locks? If not, then how is it even remotely possible that you could argue against CONSIDERING a WR?

    Be reasonable. Be thoughtful. We have to have 5 WRs on the roster. Have you really thought about how we get there without considering ANY additions?
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    I know he is only a TE, but I really believe Hanna will be a nice pass catcher as well. He showed some flashes last season.
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    I wondered about Swope's reported 40 times since he finished in the top five of his classes 100 meters' state finals his junior year.
  13. Macnalty

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    top tier WR's in first and second rd IMO

    1 DeAndre Hopkins Clemson skinnest 200 lber U have ever seen very quick and football savy
    1 Cord'rell Patterson Tenn big tough receiver in the Dez mold wins contested passes with ease
    1 Tavon Austin West Virginia quick and fast great hands size may keep him out of first rd
    1/2 Keenan Allen California injured will have pro day has tear in knee could make him slide
    2 Terrance Williams Baylor fast not quick similar to our Andre Holmes experiment

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    You can probably add Justin Hunter and Quinton Patton to that list as well but only Patterson and Allen are deserving of 1st round grades to me.

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