TFY reports Dallas interested in Ernest Shazor

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Cowboys Interested in Big Ten LB
    By TFY Draft Preview
    Date: Feb 11, 2005

    What's up with Kevin Everett, the hot tight end prospect being considered by the Lions, Bears and Jets? How big is Ernest Shazor, and which teams project him to linebacker? What are scouts saying about sleeper Terry Holley? Here are the answers as well as notes on a few well known but injured offensive line prospects.

    As mentioned on Wednesday, Kevin Everett, the former Miami Hurricane tight end, is recovering from a pair of injuries. The athletic prospect first had a "knot" behind his right knee. A common sports injury, it is a swelling, which reduces full range motion of the joint, and is only occasionally diagnosed and rarely repaired. Both were done in Everett's case and the immediate effect was a forty-clocking in the low 4.5-range at 260-pounds. Considering this was done without training, the feeling is Everett should break into the mid 4.45 range before the draft.

    Of course that is assuming his shoulder heals from the surgery performed on his labrum. The present schedule expects Everett to be at 100% in two weeks with the ability to complete full circles with his arm. Unfortunately, two weeks from today is actually the second day of the combine. With the tight ends running the following Monday in the RCA Dome and Miami having their Pro-Day soon after (March 3rd). Everett may need to scramble in the following weeks to workout in front of scouts. Not to worry, as more then a handful of teams are willing to expend a first day pick on the talented tight end.

    A pair of offensive linemen are nursing themselves back to health in preparation for Pro-Day.

    Big Sam Mayes, the underrated offensive guard from Oklahoma State, suffered what is thought to be a mildly fractured fibula during the GridIron Classic last month. Though unable to run recently, Mayes has been working hard to keep in shape and more importantly, keep his weight in check. Tipping the scales at nearly 350-pounds, the hope is to get the mammoth lineman down around 320-pounds prior to the draft. Scouts have been impressed with the athleticism shown by the big blocker, who is starting to receive the credit he deserves in the scouting community.

    Oklahoma center Vince Carter, who fell off the radar screen and was not invited to the combine after being highly ranked coming into the season, is healing from recent athroscopic knee surgery.

    Marcus Jasmin, the talented but underachieving defensive tackle from Texas A&M, may finally be getting his act together. After falling from grace in NFL scouting circles, Jasmin showed signs of life as a senior after initially struggling with the new Aggie coaching staff. Though not invited to the combine, he is presently down to 305-pounds and turning in vertical jumps of 34-inches while running the pro agility in a time of 4.7 as he prepares for the A&M pro day.

    Keep an eye on defensive back Terry Holley from Rice. A tremendous athlete at 214-pounds, the speedy collegiate safety has displayed terrific cover skills in the off-season and has some thinking he could make a move to cornerback.

    Finally, sources have told us Michigan junior Ernest Shazor, who is presently training in Atlanta, is looking buff at over 230-pounds. Many teams including the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys are looking at Shazor as a possible linebacker, and this will only add fuel to that fire.
  2. Rack Bauer

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    No thanks. We have enough Strong Safeties on the team.
  3. Duane

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    But we don't have any hybrid SS/LB prospects. ;)
  4. Cowboy from New York

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    Having him weighing in at 230 lbs and talking about him playing LB for us just doesnt seem to match with the belief that we are going to the 3-4 and how Parcells in general likes big LBs.
  5. Gaede

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    isn't he like 6'3?
  6. Cowboy from New York

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    Seems more like a SS fit then the FS that we need.

    Ernest Shazor

    Official Bio College: Michigan Height: 6-4
    Position: Safety Weight: 226
    Class: Junior 40-Yard: 4.45
    Strengths: Great size...Explosive...Good speed...A punishing tackler...Very physical and loves to hit...A playmaker...Not afraid to come up and support the run...Still has a lot of upside.
    Weaknesses: Raw and still developing...Needs to work on his technique...Can be too aggressive at times...Not really a ballhawk...May be a bit of a S / OLB 'tweener and need to work on his body depending on which position he plays.
    Notes: Highly touted prep recruit...Hasn't reached his full potential and has all the physical tools you look for...Could develop into a top all-around safety...Some teams may look at him as a potential linebacker prospect as well.
    - Scott Wright
  7. Gaede

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    He's a good player.

    Looks like Tuna's scouting all options for the 3-4...Stockpile linemen and linebackers

    I hope we don't just pick 3-4 players in the draft though. We'd be screwed if the 3-4 didn't work.
  8. junk

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    If that is the way the franchise moves, I would like to see them draft players that may be able to fill roles in both.

    Marcus Spears - I believe he could play 3-4 end, 4-3 end and perhaps even a 4-3 tackle.

    Merriman - Could probably play an OLB position in a 3-4 and a rush end position in a 4-3
  9. Dough Boy

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    Several months ago most people on this board agreed that the best way to draft, is to take the BPA route. If we take that route, you would be hard pressed to find a better player than a 6"4', 230 lb 4.45 forty saftey.

    If Shazor is the Best Player Available when we draft in round two, then you have to take him. Maybe he can play FS, maybe he can learn the FS position, after all Woodson was a college LB and he was a great cover saftey early in his career. With that speed, and size - and now that we have a true DB coach, this guy might not be a bad pick in round 2. It would allow us to play the safties like we did when Woody was healthy, interchangeably (sp). More importantly, if we actually do get a pass rush - Roy nor Shazor would have to cover for long.

    Plus this guy would match up good against Shockey and T.O. in the read zone. Also, if the Skins get M. Willimas in the draft - this guy would with his speed and size would not get pushed around nor will Willimas run by him. There is some up side to taking this guy?

    Just my thoughts...
  10. ghst187

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    I agree Dough, Shazor is a very good player with phenomenal size/speed combo. He might give us a similar look to that which we had a season ago when we could put either S near the line or both and teams didn't know which was dropping back and which was blitzing. It was petty successful for us. Shazor could even be used as another OLB. He's a good player that can provide some serious options given his abilities and size. If he's the BPA in the second which isn't unlikely, I have no problem drafting him. That said, I really don't think Silver Star Digest knows jack about anything.
  11. TDHND

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    He's a tough player. I've seen him atleast 4 times seeing how my Irish play Michigan every year.
  12. Avery

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    There's so many different things floating out there that you don't know who's cheating who.

    Undersized for a LB, not the prototypical FS. Who knows. Good player though.
  13. Kangaroo

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    I watched this guy in college he has domniated some games at time for the aggies and the coaching change and defense change did hurt him.

    Another thing to point out that they did not say in the scouting report the kid has really really long arms like basketball player long arm type.
  14. Hollywood Henderson

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    I watched Michigan play alot & Shazor is VERY tough, he does LOVE to hit...
    He is NOT a FS type at all...

    While I agree Best AA in the draft...
    We would not pick him...
  15. Bizwah

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    Couple of points...........

    First of all, he'll probably be a LBer. Think about it........a 6-4 230-235lb LB with 4.4-4.5 speed.

    If we keep him at safety?

    Well, Roy and Darren Woodson did a bang up job with the multiple safety thing. Why couldn't it work twice?
  16. Dough Boy

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    Woody was not a FS type nor a cover saftey in college. The bigger question is can he learn and can he make the switch. Does he project to the position? I don't know the answer. I didn't watch Michigan play much this. I know he is not a FS now, but does he have the tools to make the switch. The one thing in his favor as it relates to Dallas drafting him, is we like to play our Safties interchangably.

    I'm not saying to take this guy. But - if he is the BPA and he fits our scheme, take him, else pass.

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