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    ’11 NFL Draft: Scouting Baylor


    The Baylor Bears are inching toward competitiveness and with a few breaks in 2010 the team could make a minor bowl game. The top NFL prospects are few and far between as the program does not possess top-flight talent like former Baylor Bear Jason Smith.
    Robert Griffin is a talented athlete still growing into the quarterback position. He possesses a big time arm, the bal carrying skills to escape the rush and a tremendous amount of upside potential. The injury which cut Griffin’s seasons short last year really hurt his development but he’s learning under a terrific coach and will be interesting to watch.

    Linebacker Antonio Johnson makes some athletic plays on the field and shows solid recognition in coverage. He gets depth on pass drops and has a nice burst to the ball in coverage.

    What to say about Phil Taylor?

    The Penn State transfer is a mammoth lineman that breaks down well, shows incredible power and is impossible to move off the point. He flashes athleticism and is a load to handle in the middle. Taylor was also significantly overweight last season, easily wears down over the course of the game and faded so badly last season he was benched late in the campaign. He has a tremendous amount of physical skill yet must prove he’s willing to be more than just a fat guy that gets by on natural skill.
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