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    11 NFL Draft: Scouting Arkansas


    The eyes of the draft world will be focused on Ryan Mallet at Arkansas this season, the Razorbacks big time, quarterback prospect. And though most will be paying attention to the big passer, the offense does offer other prospects that must be watched.
    The argument could be made that Ryan Mallett has more upside than any other NFL quarterback prospect in the nation. Then again there’s reason to say his game holds an equal amount of downside risk.

    Mallett is a statuesque pocket passer with great size and the arm to match. He can drive the ball with a flick of the wrist, flashes the ability to throw strikes down the field and puts the ball in front receivers, letting them run to the pass. He shows toughness in the pocket, stands in strong against the rush and does a nice job commanding the offense. He also shows indecision in the pocket, makes some questionable throws on occasion and must improve his accuracy. Mallett throws with an exaggerated motion which leads to passes ending up behind receivers or high of the mark. He has the physical tools to be a big time prospect but his poor mechanics and marginal accuracy are worrisome.

    Scouts love offensive tackle DeMarcus Love though we are a little cool towards the senior blocker. Love show strength as a run blocker, controls opponents once engaged at the point and flashes footwork off the edge in pass protection. He moves relatively well and plays with a nasty attitude. Love also struggles to finish blocks, lacks balance and is on the field too much. We like him as a potential third round draft pick that’s likely to move into guard.

    Ray Dominguez is another college tackle that projects to guard in the NFL. Built low to the ground, Dominguez blocks with good pad level, forward lean and works his hands. He’s not a natural knee bender and struggles off the line of scrimmage.

    The Razorbacks have had their fair share of tall, game controlling, possession wide outs and Greg Childs is close to receiving that label. Child’s extends his hands to make the reception, displays a sense of timing and uses his frame to box-out opponents and come away with the pass. He consistently makes the difficult reception and shows strength running after the catch. We presently list him as a free agent but expect him to be rated much higher very soon.

    Several scouting services rank D.J. Williams as one of the best senior prospects at the tight end position, something we disagree with. Williams lacks height for a tight end, shows average playing speed and minimal strength at the point of attack. He extends to make the catch in a crowd but in his game is marginally consistent.

    Arkansas Pro-Prospects

    Round Full Name Pos Number Year
    1st Ryan Mallett QB 14 4Jr
    3rd DeMarcus Love T 65 5Sr
    FA Seth Oxner C 60 4Jr
    FA Greg Childs WR 85 3Jr
    FA Ray Dominguez G 73 5Sr
    FA Ramon Broadway CB 26 5Sr
    FA D.J. Williams TE 45 4Sr
    FA Rudell Crim CB 4 4Sr

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