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    We spoke with a half dozen agents who told us they and/or their players were contacted by NFL teams during the final day of the draft on Saturday, probing interest to sign specific players as undrafted free agents if they went unselected after the seven rounds were completed. In one instance the source told us a franchise spoke specific terms on the contract that would be offered once teams received the green light to sign undrafted players. In the other instances both players and agents were told teams would be calling once given the go-ahead by the league.

    - Why did several high profile players slide out of the draft or unexpectedly slip into the late rounds? Seemingly it centers around one word at this point; injuries. Tackle Lee Ziemba and tight end Virgil Green were both red-flagged with injuries as were running back Derrick Locke and receiver Terrance Toliver. This harkens back to something we posted and stated in interviews after breaking the story of Nick Fairley’s injury during the combine; teams were going to be leery selecting injured players in the draft when they could not monitor them due to the lockout.

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