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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Pre-Combine News & Notes
    10 Feb

    As we move closer to the combine here’s the latest news and notes making their way around the scouting world as players, coaches and NFL decision makers prepare to descend on Indianapolis.

    - Many are still wondering what position Melvin Ingram will be playing in the NFL; Outside linebacker? Defensive end? Three technique tackle? Much will be determined by his combine workout, specifically his forty time. If what we’ve been told over the past few days comes to fruition those who project Ingram to outside linebacker will breathe easier. I’ve been told expect Ingram to run in the 4.6’s at the combine, terrific speed for someone who tipped the scales at 276-pounds at the Senior Bowl. Someone that’s viewed Ingram’s recent workouts in recent weeks referred to him as “fast” and “athletic”. Another person familiar with the South Carolina program went a little deeper. Seems Ingram previously ran in the 4.4’s early in his Gamecock career, albeit 40-pounds ago and many are convinced a time in the 4.6’s, or possibly faster, is legitimate for the play making defender. If he runs close to the times Ingram will skyrocket up boards.

    - A report surfaced on Twitter last week that Alabama safety Mark Barron underwent surgery to repair a double hernia and will be out until July. Sources I spoke with confirmed the report and it was double hernia surgery- at the Senior Bowl word was it was just single hernia. At the same time I was told the recovery should be no more than 4-to-6 weeks, 8 at the most, from the time the surgery was completed.
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    I guess we'll see about Ingram. I think it's probably a Catch-22 for Dallas: If he doesn't run a 4.6 and look freakishly athletic in drills, the Cowboys prolly won't select him at #14. If he kills the combine, he'll be gone by the time we pick.
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    If Ingram runs in the mid to high 4.6's he probably sits at around 14.
    If he tops out in the low 4.7's he probably falls to 20ish.
    If he hits very low 4.6's or under we'd probably never sniff him.

    To me he looks like a pick who goes around 14. His explosion and power should make for a very solid 40 time.
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    Crazy to think that the differnce between a 4.6 and 4.7 can actually change where a guy can be picked. We're talking about probably 10 draft spots. When in reality it has no difference how you actually play. That tenth of a second is not going change your performance at all.

    Hope teams put more stock into actual gameday performance, but there is always a an Al Davis esque selection in the first round of every draft.
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    I tend to agree with you.
    40 times are overrated.

    All that said the numbers do often matter for pass rushers. And it isn't really the 40 yard dash so much as the 10 yard split. But excellent 10 yard splits will lead to good 40s.

    A guy like Ingram will likely have over 10 spots worth of different ratings by various scouts. He was a MLB at 230 and then a DE and then a DT as he kept growing. He was also part of the pro-style to run heavy SEC. In that league you simply have to stop the run first to have a chance.

    It looked to me watching all available Senior Bowl footage that Ingram was the second best pass rusher there after Coples. Coples looked lost the first day but really turned it on and just dominated afterwards. Ingram doesn't look nearly as slick as Coples or naturally athletic but he looked like an excellent bull rush/rip move pass rusher in the Justin Tuck mold. He had a great initial burst and stayed low(not all that hard at 6'2").
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    IMHO Dallas will strongly consider Ingram and Nick Perry at 14.

    Both guys played a little less pure pass rush role then you'd like. Perry because he came out early and saw the bowl ban. Ingram because he played some LB and DT. Dallas will have to take the tape they do have and determine how much room for growth these guys as pure pass rushers.

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