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    ‘11 NFL Draft: Scouting Minnesota


    The Golden Gophers have played in a number of lower tier bowl games recently and based on the available talent at hand, we don’t see that trend changing any time soon. There are few, in any, prospects who rate as middle round choices on the roster and most are late frame picks.
    Tackle Dominic Alford is a player we’ve focused on and a blocker with decent potential. A college tackle who projects to guard, Alford is a solid pass protector who fights hard throughout the action and controls defenders at the point of attack. Alford lacks great range and must improve his balance yet offers an upside in confined quarters.

    The team’s other senior line prospect, Jeff Wills, is a massive lineman yet strictly a size prospect to this point. He possesses tremendous bulk, power and easily controls opponents once engaged the point of attack. Willis must be more aware of his surroundings and his haphazard movements hurts his ability to finish blocks but his sheer size will entice teams.

    Adam Weber is a terrific college passer yet a marginal pro-prospect in our opinion. He displays good instinct and field sense, making solid decisions in the pocket yet Webber lacks the arm strength for the next level. He cannot drive passes down the field, constantly has receivers slowing up in their deep routes or even stopping and waiting for the ball to arrive. He is also high of the mark when he tries to gun the throw in.

    Defensively, junior linebacker Gary Tinsley is a player to watch. He’s quick, explosive and shows a lot of speed to his game. Firing up the field, he works hard to make plays and comes with an aggressive attitude. Tinsley looks like a potential weak side linebacker at the next level.

    Minnesota Pro-Prospects

    Round Full Name Pos Number Year
    6th Dominic Alford T 76 5Sr
    6-7 Duane Bennett RB 22 4Jr
    FA Gary Tinsley ILB 51 3Jr
    FA Troy Stoudermire WR 11 3Jr
    FA Jeff Wills T 71 4Sr
    FA D.J. Burris C 53 4Sr
    FA Kim Royston S 3 4Sr
    FA Adam Weber QB 8 4Sr

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