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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Brandon Fusco OL Slippery Rock 6041 302 33 ¾ 9 7/8
    Monday Practice Notes: Fundamentally very sound yet really needs to improve his strength. Stays square and controls opponents but lacks the dominant base and at times was push back into the pocket.
    Tuesday Practice Notes: A tough day was had by the small school prospect. Fusco was getting some stalemates against strong interior defenders, but he was not prepared for quicker opponents. He tried to overcompensate and was caught playing over his toes and reaching far too often.
    Wednesday Practice Notes: Fusco has improved each day. While he was coached up about pad level once again, his timing off the snap was much better against higher rated defensive linemen. He was very strong in small areas and really bowed up against powerful interior defenders.

    Analysis: Scouts were impressed with Fusco both on and off the field as they got a closer look at the Slippery Rock product. Coming from the Div.II level, the center admitted to being surprised by the quickness of his competition early in the week. He adjusted, continued to work very hard, and got better each practice. All good signs. His athleticism and ability to step off the snap also made him the best pure center prospect during the week (although the pivot class in Mobile was generally considered weak)
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    If we dont get stefen wineski or odoyd center from usc, keep your eye on this kid zoners. one of my pet cats
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    I also like Utah's Zane Taylor, especially as a UDFA. Mizzou's Barnes is a good one too.
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    Zane Taylor and Jake Kirkpatrick are underrated.

    I'd love to have either.

    Zane started close to 40 games and reported does 41 reps of 225.

    He was also 3 time State Wrestling Champion in HS.

    Love wrestling backgrounds for OL/DL. Especially OL.
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