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Thank God and the Cowboys!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Skip, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Skip

    Skip Member

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    (I guess I have to include the rest of the NFL) The wait is over and it has started....the new NFL year!

    I am so tired of no NFL football so I am a happy fan now!:bow:
  2. JBell523

    JBell523 That's my Quarterback

    3,507 Messages
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    can I get an amen
  3. Cbz40

    Cbz40 The Grand Poobah

    31,365 Messages
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    You and me both......
  4. CowboyFFL7

    CowboyFFL7 New Member

    45 Messages
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    Can I get an Amen for that, and can I get an Amen for JBell's avatar.
  5. Dallas4ever

    Dallas4ever Active Member

    2,547 Messages
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    I feel you guy's pain. Life once again has meaning.

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