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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by lewpac, Jan 20, 2008.

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    No Giant lover here, that's for sure.
    But thankfully, we won't have to hear about Faverereareeverre and have the "Farve love-fest" for the next two weeks.

    The Pats are 18-0 and ONE GAME from historical proportions. But mark my words, all you would've have shoved down your throat the next two weeks would be everyone from Madden to Boomer masturbating over Favor.
    Fittingly, perhaps the last pass of his career was the standard "Farve pushing it" interception. Of which, his career should be just as remembered for. A demon that many thought that Holmgrem exorcised, but continued to rear it's ugly head for Fart's entire career.

    Never forget also, that the only SB's that Favor got to DIDN'T go through Dallas. It's a minor blip, but a little diddy to savor. He could not, and WOULD not ever get over the Cowboy hump. Had he had to go through Dallas, he'd have never sniffed a SB. He'd be nothing but a Tarkenton. Gaudy numbers do to nothing else but "time of service". Decent guy. I don't dislike him per se'. It's just all the salivating and masturbating over him that I have a short shelf life for.

    Bye-Bye Brett. Retire already. Unless of course you want to pad your "most interceptions ever" record............................
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    Amen, bro.
  3. AmishCowboy

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    :hammer: :hammer:
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    SHOULD be a very good game.
  5. cajuncocoa

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    Couldn't agree more.
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    No, now we'll have to continue to listen to the Eli lovefest and how he's "transformed".

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