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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Biggems, Dec 31, 2006.

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    to the refs for the bogus penalty that took away the Roy Williams INT TD on the first play

    to Henry for dropping an INT

    to Roy for dropping an INT

    to Romo for fumbling the ball away twice and throwing an INT

    to the OLine for not blocking whatsoever

    to the defensive secondary for allowing Furrey to look like Jerry Rice

    to Bill Parcells for being outcoached by a rookie head coach again

    to Mike Zimmer for once again allowing his defense to get raped on 3rd down after 3rd down

    to the entire team for losing 3 straight at home and limping patheticly into the playoffs......

    I am disgusted by this team....I hate this has no heart, no fire, no passion, no guts, a Cowboys fan, I would rather have those 5-11 no talent teams over this least those scrubs played with heart and tried....this team finds more ways to lose than any team I have ever seen.

    Get rid of Parcells......Get rid of Zimmer.....Get rid of Rivera...Get rid of Flozell...

    Get a Head Coach with balls...Get a D-Coordinator with a real scheme and who can adjust on the fly...get an O-Coordinator who can call a good game and adjust on the fly.....Get an offensive line coach who can get this team to block for crying out loud. Get OG Eric Steinbach in FA....Draft a stud LT

    well one more week to our season.....time to go to Seattle.....Alexander and Hasselback are gonna rip us a new so looking forward to that *** whoopin...

    HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS:mad: :banghead: :puke: :cry3:

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