That 1 guy you REALLY don't want to see drafted at 28

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. bodi

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    Mike Williams - Obi one - any TE
  2. rambo2

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    If Howard was there, you would have to take him.
  3. FuzzyLumpkins

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    He ran in the 4.4s at his proday ameliorating his time for scouts. Tabor would need to do the same or he is going to plummet. Flowers ran a 4.55 and fell to the second round and he had electric tape.
  4. Floaty

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    Ross can't even finish a 40 yard dash...and you expect him to play in the NFL? The guy has bust written all over him. He can't stay healthy.

    And you want to add Obi to the list???? :lmao:

    He may revolutionize the game. He's such a freak athlete. Wouldn't shock me if he is gone before our 1/28 pick.:popcorn:

    And the more I think about Brantley...I could live w/ that pick too. Not many quality DTs in this draft. Just keep adding quality to the 8 man d-line rotation. Couldn't hurt.

    But then again...we do need secondary help in the worst way.:banghead:
  5. rambo2

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    Tabor has probably put himself in the 2nd round. He is a weed smoker. You can't risk a first round pick on him when there are plenty of good corners to choose from..
  6. rambo2

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    Obi missed a lot of tackles. I wouldn't take him. He doesn't play to his size. He wimps out a lot.
  7. 44cowboys22

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    Oh hell........this is easy

    Anybody on offense.....1st 3 rds min
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  8. Yakuza Rich

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    My bet is that he goes close to #10 overall. There's usually a surprise pick around that time and he fits the mold of that surprise pick. This is also a ridiculously deep draft with DB's, so teams will likely feel that they can get a DB they want in the later rounds and it's a poor QB class. That eliminates a couple a few key positions that makes him look more appealing.

  9. waving monkey

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    Some one was advocating the inside rush position as more important in todays defense then the outside rush.
    What are your thoughts on that
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  10. waving monkey

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    Compared to Sanders and his injuries
  11. HookEmCowboys

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    Saw a lot of this in highlight films. His tackling technique isn't that great, his head is to the wrong side which will allow bigger backs/receivers to break through. Wasn't amazed with his ball skills either if we're looking for a cover-2 safety.
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  12. HookEmCowboys

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    I don't want to see any CB from Florida at #28
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  13. TheCount

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    Interesting, considering he had one of the best combines ever for the position. I'm guessing you're declaring him unathlethic due solely to his 40 time?
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  14. TheDank

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    I didn't say he was unathletic I said he wasn't as athletic as advertised. Evan Engram, Bucky Hodges and Gerald Everett all put up similar or better performances. Njoku acted like he was gods gift to the football world in his interviews saying he would bring speed to his team before having an unexciting 40 he also said he would break Byrons broad jump which he got nowhere close to.

    When your draft stock is based entirely on your athleticism and upside I don't want you in the first round. One of the best performances ever? SMH when someone comes in and puts up Vernon Davis' numbers again then you can say that. This guy is average or slightly above at best for NFL athleticism.
  15. Tristan

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    You dont have to go to amsterdam anymore, u can get served a glass of wine and a bag of blackberry kush at a fancy streetside cafe accross from the bagel shop and all over west la
  16. Tristan

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    Dont want....
    Any te except howard
    Teeeez nuts
    The lazy DT's
  17. ghst187

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    Ross has speed and quickness that few do and he also happens to be a great WR overall. He could be desean 2.0 without the attitude. Yes speedsters are always an injury risk see miles and hammy. But Ross could also make the offense completely unstoppable.
    Obi reminds me way too much of Jones. All the athleticism in the world but, I'll admit that Byron Jones has tainted me on Obi because Byron was a combine star that has yet to ever make a play.
  18. lqmac1

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    Whatever McClays stamps, I'm good on. 7/9 of our last first rnd picks have made it to the Pro-bowl and 3 have been all-pro
  19. egn22

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    why does everyone hate Charles Harris so much?
  20. Plankton

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    I wonder about that myself. Yes, he's not a run defender. That's not why you're drafting him. He's been a productive guy from a program that has churned out productive defensive linemen/rushers (Aldon Smith, Sheldon Richardson, Shane Ray, Markus Golden and a decent player in Kony Ealy).
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